Creepy Ghost-Like Figure Caught On Disneyland Security Camera

Security Camera At Disneyland Caught THIS In The Middle Of The Night... WHOA

In 2009, a man uploaded this surveillance footage from Disneyland to YouTube. Since then, it has been seen by more than eight million people and counting — and once you see the action that unfolds, it’s easy to see why so many people are fascinated by it.

In the description, he says, “I’ve heard people talk about ghosts around Disneyland late at night. Am I crazy or does it look like there is a ghost walking around the park?”

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In order to see said ghost, you have to pay careful attention to the path. No one is around and it’s dark outside — yet a faint figure comes roaming down the sidewalk.

Some viewers think it’s some kind of reflection, or completely fake and easily created by computer effects. Others are convinced it’s the ghost of Walt Disney himself, hanging out at the park after hours. I, for one, am never sure what to make of spooky footage like this. It seems hard to believe it could be real, but then again, what else could that figure be?!

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