Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign
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    Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign

    Hi all,

    I recently dug up this interesting Disneyland plaque / sign that I've had for a while, though I'm not sure where it came from. It's about 10 inches high and is made from stamped metal (brass?). I have no idea if this is something from the park, or just a sign that was made for purchase. If anyone has an idea of what this is, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!


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    Re: Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign

    I don't know what it is but I do know I like it!

    Been there done that GOING back!

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    Re: Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign

    It looks like it may be quite valuable

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    Mickey Re: Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign

    Quote Originally Posted by twobikeminimum
    Hi all,

    I recently dug up this interesting Disneyland plaque / sign that I've had for a while, though I'm not sure where it came from. It's about 10 inches high and is made from stamped metal (brass?). I have no idea if this is something from the park, or just a sign that was made for purchase. If anyone has an idea of what this is, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

    I have one exactly like it, but was wondering about the history of it also. I bought mine from someone I knew, but she didn't recall how she got it. I can't find any marking on mine such as Walt Disney Productions. Does yours have any markings?

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    Re: Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign

    Hey thats pretty cool... I would love to hear the history also..

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    Re: Interesting Disneyland plaque / sign

    Would love to share the ACTUAL FACTS with anyone who will listen to the truth !!! About the " mysterious -so call BRASS plaques " They are NOT as old or Mysterious as they are interesting. They were NEVER in anyway directly associated with Disneyland , Walt Disney or any other Disney park or property. They are NOT BRASS ! at best they are brass colored tin or pot metal. I would more so describe them myself as small signs or even labels. They are very thin , very flimsy , very lite weight . You will not find any hallmarks or maker stamps because they are FAKES ! I am telling you this from my pofessional knowlege and personal experiences with these exact items I have sold many and purchased all I ever sold from the same place. I have been in the antiques and or collectibles business for almost 30 years. I am also a collector of vintage Disneyland items and collectibles. I have frequented the park for the last 40+ years and know it like the back of my hand, every nook and cranny. I have bought and sold litterally thousands of pieces of Disneyana in this period of time and these plaques were just a few of the items I have dealt in in nthe last decade. For the last year I have been continually frustrated to see them appear on Ebay at a rate of a couple times a month or more , the stories sellers are fabricating are getting more and more ridiculous. I am so sad for the poor bidders that apparently are falling for stories that this is a rare and lost treasure of incredible rarity and possible value. The prices are getting stupid CRAZY ! and I cant take anymore . WILL SOMEBODY LISTEN TO ME !!!! I have reported these to Ebay over and over again and they have done nothing to protect possible buyers from paying way to much for nothing more than a whopper of a tale. Right this minute there inb one listed on Ebay and the seller is spreding the lie again but this time trying to use key words like " possible" or " I have heard or been told " or " I have seen eveidence on Ebay " to cover his rear, and to my amazement , this one today is approaching the $400.00 bid mark. Its shameful , its sad and I believe it on the verge of CRIMINAL for this to continue.
    In my profession as a Certified Appraiser we would describe this item as : A small yellowish stamped metal plate, stamped with images of Mickey Mouse , Disneyland and Walt Disney. This is what is commonly reffered to in the trade as a " Fantasy Item " decorative collectible.

    Ever single one that has appeared on Ebay { and there have been many } have all attributed this to being an actual item that was there at Disneyland on opening day on July 17th 1955. I have seen them described as everything from brass plates that were on all the doors on main Street , as " Disneyland Fire Extinguisher labels { ridiculous } , as momentos hand out to the first 500 people thru the turnstiles { ridiculous } Any body that has ever seen one of these in person and really looked at it and wasnt intentionally trying to implicate something that wasnt true , would know they were NOTHING that was ever an actual structural part of Disneyland.

    The term Fantasy Collectible came from the astronimical amounts of things being produced to look old or nostalgic for the purpose for decorating , collecting and sometimes to actually decieve unsuspecting persons to get your money.
    We use the term "Fantasy" instead of " re-production" because the majority of these items are not re produced. If the item never existed prior to this one , then it cant be re produced , right ?

    These are interesting, they are decorative, they are attractive , they just are not anything they are constantly being attributed to be.

    In the 1990s up to about 1999 I myself owned 3 retail stores in So California . One of which was what we reffered top as an Antiques Mall . We rented spaces out to outside vendors in our large retail building and these vendors for the most part sold antiques and collectibles of all kinds. My other two stores were smaller and very popular. We specioalized in Nostalgic Americana and especially authentic advertising memorobilia and collectibles. Everythings from Granpa's garage top Grandma's kitchen. Not everyone who appreciates that theme and area of collecting has the thousands of dollars to collect authentic vinage stuff , whether it be signs , gas pumps , juke boxes , depression glass , you name it . Thats where the re production and fantasy items come in. We never sold such items as anything but what they were. You all know you can walk into any so called antique store in your own town of even your local TARGET and see the same things.

    These little brass colled Disneyland themed plates were purchased by me and thousand of other dealers from a small Mom and Pops wholesaler out of Massachusetts . They produced a little photo copied catalog that was well know with most dealers from the late 70s until the late 90s when the pops past away. This catalog was the place where you coulkd buy everything from re poped Beatles bobbin heads and buttons to Coca Cola marbles and Hoppalong cassidy Pocket knifes and these cute Disney plaques and more and more . All items in the catalog were small inexpensive nostalgic items that dealers loved to be able to offer customers with shallow pockets and fond memories of the good old days. You can got to any flea market , antique mall , or swap meet todasy and find these items easily and still for little money.
    The Disneyland plaques if I remember correctly were sold by the dozen or more and the individual piece price was aprox $5 each or less depending on how many you wanted. They came in the mail in bulk wrapped in a oily wax / tissue paper and would be quite varied in color from shiny yellow meatl to some varied patinated finishes. They are very lite weight and all have four small holes near the corners just the berfect size for a small tack or brad. The way I sold these was most often I would tack them whatever attractive piece of wood I had around. I would use 4 small decorativ brass colored tacks and they l;ook great on either a piece of barn would or a nice painted board. We would sell them for aprox $19.99 and nobody was ever told or duped into believing they were anything but a decorative item.

    Its just awful that on Ebay today and in the recent past people are obviously being fooled into believing they are anything more and paying dearly for them. I personally am disgusted to think any seller is taking advantage of peoples ignorance , especially in this economy.

    Help me spred the word , I hate to be a bubble burster but these are the facts . Just the Facts , the truth and the WHOLE TRUTH , so help me God.

    All have a Magical Day !!! , Tiki

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