Disney now provides free Wi-Fi to Magic Kingdom guests
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    Disney now provides free Wi-Fi to Magic Kingdom guests

    The Magic Kingdom just got a little more magical this week for guests looking for an Internet connection near Cinderella Castle, Splash Mountain or elsewhere inside the Orlando park.

    The Web was abuzz last week with the news that Disney quietly implemented free Wi-Fi for its guests inside the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. According to multiple sources familiar with the news, guests now have free access to the Web once they agree to Disney’s terms of service. The move comes as Disney plans to provide free Wi-Fi access at other Orlando theme parks between now and early 2013.

    Earlier this year, Disney also began providing free Wi-Fi access for its resort guests here in Orlando. There have been no announcements about Disney providing the same services to theme-park guests in California and at other Disney theme-park properties worldwide.

    This week’s Wi-Fi advances in the Magic Kingdom are part of Disney’s ongoing NextGen system, which is designed to use technology to enhance and control theme-park guests’ experiences in the park.

    Disney now provides free Wi-Fi to Magic Kingdom guests - OrlandoSentinel.com

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    Re: Disney now provides free Wi-Fi to Magic Kingdom guests

    Maybe I'm weird, but I turn off my phone completely when I'm at the parks, one of my big pet peeves is people can't put their smartphones away (ever).

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    Me too - my phone stays in the room safe (until we leave WDW when I take it to use Starbucks' free wifi to update TD)!

    Course, with free wifi (as a Brit, internet access costs us a fortune in the US) I'll probably take my phone out more often for TD and Facebook check-ins.

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