Navigating Disneyland with cancer....
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    Navigating Disneyland with cancer....

    Hello all!
    I'm heading back to Disneyland on Aug. 21st for this first time in 40 years!
    We're taking our grandchildren ages 10, 9, and 7 who've never been there.

    I am currently undergoing chemotherapy for my brain cancer. (The chemo is just a pill I take, no nausea. And I'm doing very well in treatment!) My concern is that I get real tired in the afternoon, needing naps and I'm not supposed to be in the sun. And the warmer it is, the quicker I wilt.

    What is the best way for me to enjoy as much of our visit as possible with the kids? Should we rent a wheelchair? Are there plenty of places out of the sun I could sit and rest while they are in line?

    We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel so that when I "crash" I can come back to the room and rest on the monorail.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Shirley M.


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    Re: Navigating Disneyland with cancer....

    It is great that you are staying at the Disneyland hotel, so you can always go back. I would recommend evening touring then- out of the sun, usually less crowded, and cooler, and if you can, early mornings.
    I recommend going for the extra magic hours in the mornings for both parks-it is cool, and not crowded at all. You can go on many popular attractions that would usually take hours during the afternoon! When we did that, we got to go on all major rides, and all fantasyland rides within an hour and a half.

    Disneyland has many benches, some in the shade. Although in the afternoon, loads of those benches will be filled up, and might not be close to where you are. I would just go in the morning till around 11 or when you want to stop touring, and resuming at around 6 or 7. The kids could enjoy the pool (it is really nice there!) and rest up. Don't worry, you won't be missing a lot out of the afternoons; you can go on as many rides in the morning and evenings as TWO afternoons. The lines are just too long in the afternoon.
    If you do decide to go in the afternoon, there are benches and some restaraunts you can stop into to take a rest. Disneyland is dotted with loads of benches. There is also Downtown Disney, which has plenty of shops you can bring the kids in if you need a rest. Looking at the kids ages, I think they will be fine with resting for that portion of the day with the pool-sometimes the hotel has kid activities. There is also a Build-A-Bear Workshop, World of Disney, and Club Libby Lu (a girly makeup salon-type place for younger girls) in DownTown Disney.
    I hope I helped, and have an amazing trip!

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