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    Re: each parks best ride?

    in order of there opening:
    MK: Splash Mountain (hahha it's my laughin' place)
    Epcot: Journey into imagination (w/ just a spark of insperation)
    MGM: tot (sorry no song)
    ak: the Yetti.
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    Re: each parks best ride?

    let's see..
    magic kingdom: toss up between splash mountain and space mountain..
    phillarmagic is really,REALLY close.

    epcot: testtrack and journey into imagination (haha friend of figment"with just one spark of inspiration comes at the start, of all creations!!"

    mgm: movie ride


    oof. it really is between their space mountain [which is amazing], matterhorn, storybookland canal boats, and pirates.

    oooof. the orange stinger and soarin'

    show: electrical parade [dca] and disneylands fireworks
    [sorry, they beat out disneyworld on both.]

    restraunt: crystal palace reppp-resent
    Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club, Beach Club Villas, Saratoga Springs Villas, Contemporary, Pop Century, Paradise Pier, Dolphin

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    Re: each parks best ride?

    Hmm let's see...

    MK: Space Mountain or Splash Mountain
    Epcot: Soarin' or Test Track...I can't decide!
    MGM: The Great Movie Ride
    Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest
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    Re: each parks best ride?

    gosh it has been a while since we last went but i know it magic kingdom the first thing we did was the flying dumbo and i couldnt wait to do the spinning teacups it is so hard to think since the last time we went in 2000 i was still afraid of the roller coasters. so i liked the ones that took us on tour like the one in the land at Epcot and the backlot tour at disney studios i must say that i liked the Kilimanjaro Safari at animal kingdom.
    my favorite show would have to be Fantasmic although i never got to see it last time but i cant wait to see it this time
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    Re: each parks best ride?

    MK: Splash Mountain (Runner up: POTC)
    Epcot: World Pavillion (I know it's not a ride but I love it there)
    AK: Kilimanjaro Safaris (runner up: Kali River Rapids)
    MGM: Great Movie Ride (no thrill seeker me...lol...)
    Show: Festival of the Lion King

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    Re: each parks best ride?

    MK - Carousel Of Progress, Splash, Big Thunder, Buzz
    Epcot- Test Track - Ellens Energy Adventure ( Univ Of Energy)
    AK- Kilamanjaro Safari ( Sure Everest will make list as soon as we ride it)
    Studios - Star Tours & Tower of Terror

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