Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK)
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    Hey, y'all! Does anyone know what VMK is? I have no clue, but it sounds TOTALLY AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

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    So again, does anyone no what VMK is? I did a little research, and I think it's based on the series by Ridley Pearson, Kingdom Keepers.

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    Re: Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK)

    if I'm remembering right my kid would play on the website years ago. had games somewhat like dinner dash but your running WDW rides. not sure if its still around
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    Re: Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK)

    VMK was Virtual Magic Kingdom and it was a multi-player online game where you would walk around Magic Kingdom and complete tasks and get badges! You could get a room that you can decorate in different styles. (mine was "Mad Tea Party") The badges allowed you to buy different pins/stickers/decor for your room! IT was SO much fun! SO sad it's gone!!
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    Re: Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK)

    UNO summed it up! it was a pilot web game before an expansion in the parks but cant remember which but it came down sadly.... it was fun, played it ALL the time! It interacted with stuff they had at MK as well where you could get certain cards w codes to help on your journey. We did once while there years ago.

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