Disney developing live-action Aladdin prequel
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    Disney developing live-action Aladdin prequel

    Disney developing live-action Aladdin prequel – Moviehole

    It was only a matter of time, and now Disney are officially developing a live-action version of another fairytale; “Aladdin”.

    The studio are set to make a live-action prequel to the 1992 animated classic, titled “Genies”.

    That’s right, it looks like we’re finally going to find out how the genie actually into the lamp!

    The comedy adventure will be penned by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, with Tripp Vinson of Vinson Films set to produce.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Genies” will centre on the titular beings and how Aladdin’s Genie became stuck in the lamp.

    There is also word that the studio is hoping “Genies” will lead to a live-action “Aladdin” film.
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    Too bad this wasn't done before Robin Williams death. I can't picture Genie with out his voice.

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