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    Talking New here!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. My name's Danielle but a lot of people know me as moonlitdreams. A few things about myself...well nothing too interesting I'm a huge CATS (the musical) fan, I love all the Disney animated movies my favorite being Aladdin, I love to act sing and dance, and that's pretty much it anyone who wants to know more just ask :&Wink:

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    Welcome to Talk Disney, JemiJellicle. Have a great stay here with us
    Ok Screamers, let's get ready to roll!
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    :mEars: Welcome to Talk Disney JemiJellicle! We are very happy that you decided to join us! If you have any questions here are some great resources; Terms of Service and Community Standards is the place to start, this should tell you everything you need to know about posting regulations here at Talk Disney.
    the FAQ Archives & Question, Comments & Help threads are also full of useful information. If you would like to see if a topic already exists use our Search feature. Of course you can always use the Private Message system to contact me or any of our Talk Disney Team or Administrators! We are a family friendly site. We take great pride in the fact that we have members of all ages! Mostly we are here to Talk Disney & have a good time! Thanks again for joining our family! :mEars:
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    Hello! :wave: Welcome!! I'm Heather, I'm a huge Mickey fan. I collect the Disney animated dvds among other Disney things. I also collect sea shells and coral because I'm obsessed with the ocean (must be because my sign is cancer lol.) It's a lot of fun here!
    șoșșoș Heather șoșșoș
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    Welcome! I could tell that you were a Cats fan since you have Jellicle in your screename.

    Enjoy all that TD has to offer and if you have any questions or porblems please feel free to ask.
    ~°o°~ MouseMan ~°o°~ TD Admin ~°o°~

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