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    I can't do it, what am I doing wrong? submit my information is greyed out ... help me! I don't exist!
    You've got to be kidding me!?

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    I've added myself also, just check under the Netherlands section
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    klwally said:I can't do it, what am I doing wrong? submit my information is greyed out ... help me! I don't exist!
    To add yourself onto the may zoom into your location by using the bottom zoom bar.

    When you are ready to place your pin click the "place" button in the bottom right, then click on the map and "stick" your pin!

    Remember to then click Submit my info to save your info!!

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    This is a fun feature. I hope a lot of our TD members try it out and add their locations!
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    Thanks Ed for that really great feature. I did not know this map existed .I'm now added to the map!
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    NP! I just came across it last night as I was searching the site for older yet topical threads to revive. I almost forgot it existed.

    I'm glad you placed yourself on the map! Now if we can get other members to fill in where they are that would be great!
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    well I put myself on there however I don't see any other marks on the map is that a different page or something?

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    As long as one follows the functions it should work. I notice that if one moves the map around everyone's "pins" disappear and then reappear once the map's movements stop. I see you pin down there in Florida so you got it right. There's no one in the heartland of the USA on the map at all right now. Mainly East and west, north and one in the middle!

    And here's the link to the map for anyone getting into this thread late...
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    ok got it working now didn't do anything different this time same thing as last time and they just appeared. huh thanks for the help ED

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    Ya got me nearly smack dab in the middle. I'm just south of Kansas city, ks... I just wish I coulda zoomed in a bit more to place it more correctly.

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    That's odd Greg, but I'm glad you got it working. And Geoff...thanks for taking care of the center of the states! Yay!
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    I totally forgot about this feature! It's cool to see where everyone's located.

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    It really is!
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    I just added myself. I missed this before I guess.

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    new hampshire
    that is very cool. i'm there too

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