Talk Disney has had a recent growth in new membership and while we greatly appreciate this. Some members, in their haste to jump into the fun on the forums have failed to thoroughly read the Terms of Service and Community Standards. In particular to sections S, T & V. So here for your reading pleasure are sections:

S: We ask that you check your spelling. You are more likely to get a response to a post that shows that you cared enough about it to check and see if it was well formed. Any posts that are judged to be undecipherable by the staff of are subject to deletion.

T: We ask that you check to see if a topic is already being discussed before you start a new thread. This is easily done by looking through the pages of a forum or by using the "Search" feature located at the top of the page. In order to keep the forums uncluttered and the dialog about the subject at hand flowing smoothly, all "mirror-threads" will be deleted, resulting in a reduction of your post count.

V: We would like all members to familiarize themselves with how to utilize the "Edit" button that is located in the bottom right of their posts. If you have a second thought, need to correct spelling or need to add a forgotten detail to your post, please do not double post to the thread to add it in. Simply click the "Edit" button, make the needed corrections and then click the "Save Changes" button. Please note that any double posts will be deleted and will result in a diminished post count.

There is a handy little download Disneypro found for us to assist with any posting spell checks.
It's called ieSpell, it's a small application that will sit in the toolbar and will correct spelling mistakes before they are posted.
It's free for personal use and available at