The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack
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    The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack

    "The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack'' Roars onto Shelves Sept 30 & Features a New Song from Elton John and Tim Rice Plus a Remix of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"

    On September 30, 2003, Walt Disney Records will celebrate the regal return of the Lion King Soundtrack, one of the top ten best-selling soundtracks of all time. This diamond-certified platinum soundtrack has sold over 10 million copies and will be re-released in conjunction with the first time ever release of "The Lion King" movie on DVD. The "Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack" features a new song, "The Morning Report" from Grammy(R) and Academy Award(R) winners Elton John and Tim Rice, that accompanies the newly animated "Morning Report" scene found on the DVD. The new scene features never-before-seen animation seamlessly integrated into the original film. The special edition soundtrack also includes a remix of the classic Elton John hit, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."

    "Set against the majestic backdrop of Africa, "The Lion King" is the coming-of-age tale of the young lion prince Simba and his heroic journey to claim his destined role as king of the jungle. The soundtrack, embracing authentic African rhythms and contemporary musical influences, features African vocalists recorded in their homeland and enhances the storyline with powerful imagery and narrative storytelling.

    ""The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack" will include the original underscore by composer Hans Zimmer and six original production numbers: "Circle of Life" (performed by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M), an expressive and commanding gospel-flavored tune which introduces Simba and the cycle of life; "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" (performed by Jason Weaver with Rowan Atkinson and Laura Williams), a playful perspective of leadership through the eyes of young Simba and friends; "Be Prepared" (performed by Jeremy Irons with Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin and Jim Cummings), a rousing call to arms by the villainous Scar as he hatches his plan to murder the king; "Hakuna Matata" (performed by Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella with Jason Weaver and Joseph Williams), a happy-go-lucky and hilarious song performed by the comic duo, Timon and Pumbaa; "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" and the never-before-heard track "The Morning Report" (performed by James Earl Jones, Jeff Bennett and Evan Saucedo). The disc features three versions of the touching love song "Can You Feel The Love Tonight": the film version (performed by Joseph Williams and Sally Dworsky with Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella and Kristle Edwards) voiced by Simba and Nala as they begin their life together, the end title version performed by the multi-talented Elton John and the brand new, upbeat "Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Remix)."

    ""The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack" will be released on September 30, 2003, for a suggested CD retail price of $18.98.

    --Posted September 26, 2003
    Source: Walt Disney Records
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    If this one contains more of the score than the original release, I'm gonna buy it for sure

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    i still have the original soundtrack, i dont know if i would buy it again unless it had alot of new scores

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    It is quite different. And then there's the "new song" (The Morning Report) which most of us who also have the original Broadway cast already know...and thus already have. But this version has the original film's voices doing the song.
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    I bougtht mine at Target, so I have the two CD version with Rythm of the Pridelands and the Soundtrack... good stuff.
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    i think i have every sound track to every lion king thing, so i still dunno if i would buy the new soundtrack, although the temptation......

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    iluvstitch, could you tell me a bit more about the Rythm of the Pridelands CD? Perhaps even a track-listing if it isn't too much trouble? I've never found this CD in any store over here, and I always wanted to know what it was about
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    ER It is a very hard to get now. Maybe you can find it second hand. Disney changed distributors in 1998 to Edel Records worldwide, & stores sent their stocks back to their wholesellers. Amazon lists it with a 1 to 2 months shipping time frame but at a reasonable cost.
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    Thanks for the info MG! I also checked Ebay as well as some other sites and it is nowhere to be found. Amazon indeed has a very reasonable price. It looks like the CD is becoming more of a collector's item .

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