Disney Foes in Pooh Case Switch Lawyers Again
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    Exclamation Disney Foes in Pooh Case Switch Lawyers Again

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - For the second time in four months, attorneys representing a family suing Walt Disney Co. for hundreds of millions of royalty dollars are withdrawing from the Winnie the Pooh marketing rights case, the family said on Friday.

    Citing a mounting legal bill, Stephen Slesinger Inc., the family company founded by the literary agent who acquired U.S. marketing rights to the honey-loving bear from British author A.A. Milne decades ago, dismissed the legal firm of Jones Day, which had stepped into the case in June after another firm left.

    "During the last couple of months, Jones Day's fees for handling this matter were much higher than either we or the firm expected, and they far exceeded what we can afford to pay," Pati Slesinger and her mother Shirley Slesinger Lasswell said in a statement.

    The Slesingers say Disney has shortchanged them of Pooh royalties worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a contract that already generates millions for them. The entertainment conglomerate has denied those charges through the course of a 12-year-old legal battle.

    Both sides have changed lawyers, but the Slesingers have been most active recently.

    Los Angeles lawyer Bert Fields, known for his fights against Disney, exited the case in June, and neither he nor the Slesingers have commented on the reason.

    Pooh, one of the most beloved children's characters of all time, generates billions of dollars each year in films, videos and related merchandise for Disney and others.

    Disney lawyer Daniel Petrocelli declined to speculate directly on the reason for Jones Day's dismissal but said the Slesingers had been on the defensive since Disney in February accused Slesinger's team of stealing documents.

    Disney asked the court to throw out the case or dismiss sanctions against Disney for destroying documents related to the case.

    "All that I know is whenever we are on the verge of having our sanctions motion heard in the case, the Slesingers fire an attorney and ask the court to put the case on hold," Petrocelli said.

    The Slesingers say their representatives retrieved some documents from Disney's trash but stole nothing.

    Slesinger spokesman Lonnie Soury said his clients wanted the case to move forward as quickly as possible and that Disney was trying to make it too expensive for them to do so.

    "They should be ashamed of themselves," he said. "Disney obviously can afford to fight a mother and a daughter."

    Soury said the Slesingers were talking to other lawyers and Jones Day, in a letter to the Los Angeles Superior Court obtained by Reuters, asked for a 45-day continuance in the case to change teams.

    "Slesinger is terminating Jones Day and is in the process of lining up substitute counsel," the law firm said.
    Disney Foes in Pooh Case Switch Lawyers Again
    Fri Oct 10, 3:58 PM ET
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    this is the most ridiculous things i ever heard when will people stop being so greedy

    "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow...just a dream away"

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    I can't believe they are getting another lawyer. This case will never die.

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    i know the answer to this already but i want to pose this question anyway: if you had to file a lawsuite and would win millions and retire for the rest of your ife at dlr/wdw but you had to sue disney, would you??


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    no because i would put disney out of buisness and there would be no more fun to come

    "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow...just a dream away"

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