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    I don't know if everyone has done this yet or not, but I just fired off an e-mail to George Mitchell, presideing director of the Disney board. I did this thru, and, folks, I gotta tell you, it feels pretty good to have finally had my say with someone on the Disney Board concerning Kaiser Eisner....

    I hope they use my letter on the site, and I (childishly, perhaps...) hope it has some effect on someone, but, by and large, I highly recommend that we all do this, and often. Paper this Mitchell with e-mail from outraged consumers, fans, and believers in Walt's dream.

    I also signed up for my bumper sticker, and wish I could get about 50 more to spread around to my friends...

    It's the season to be politically active, folks... so get active and try to make a difference!!!!

    (This ad has been paid for by Friends of Captain Tony for Disney CEO, 2004. ) "If elected, Mickey watches for everyone!!!"
    "... yes, but what happened to the RUM???" Jack Sparrow lives!!!

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    Thanks for the post, I love the ending statement!!
    șoș șoș șoș șoș șoș șoș șoș șoș șoșșoș

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    How come I've only been hearing the Roy Disney side of things and not the Michael Eisner side? All I know is Eisner didn't end up kicking off Roy, and Roy and Eisner evidently had (have) a disagreement of some sort, so Roy resigned to get back at Michael, but I'm not sure it worked out [yet]. I can't really decide to completely go against the CEO of Disney right now - I haven't heard enough things that he's done wrong to outweigh what he's done right, and helping put Matt Ouimet as DLR President is a lot of right that will have to be outweighed, for starters.
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