Lion King: The Video Game
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    Lion King: The Video Game

    I've played it for Super Nintendo for years. The farthest I use to get was to level 8. Just a few months ago I got all the way to Level 10, and defeated Scar.

    Here's how the game went from level 1 to level 10...

    1) The Pridelands

    2) "Can't Wait To Be King"

    3) The Elephant Graveyard

    4) Stampede

    5) Simba's Exile

    6) "Hakunamatata"

    7) Simba's Destiny

    8) Be Prepaied

    9) Simba Returns

    10) Priderock: Simba vs. Scar
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    I finally beat this game after amillion trys

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    I have it, but it's on my old Genesis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imagineer01
    I have it, but it's on my old Genesis.
    Me too! But I think that it's cool either way!
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    that game is hard...well, the last time i played it. i was only 7 years old (now i'm 15) i could never get pass the 2nd lvl. getting the monkeys was hard and i kept falling aff the hippos. i cant find it anymore but thnx for reminding me bout the game
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    I love this game and have had it for years but i still haven't passed the whole game
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