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Thread: ET adventure?

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    so is king kong still at universal hollywood or as that gone as well ?
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    I do remember when they advertised the E.T. ride on Nickelodian many times whenever they advertised the theme park of Universal Studios.
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    The mummy and 100 posts!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneyland1955
    The one in California is not. It was closed to make way for the new Mummy Attraction. I believe the one in Florida is. Try doing a search on Google.
    The mummy for ET ride is a more then fair trade!I went on the mummy ride in Florida and we felt that it was our favorite ride the whole trip! Just a side note, "LOOK WHOS A BIG 100"

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    Re: ET adventure?

    yeah its gone

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    Re: ET adventure?

    Well, I'm glad ET Adventure is still at Universal Orlando.

    I haven't been on the Mummy yet, but I'm going back in October, so I can't wait to ride it!

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    Re: ET adventure?

    I love the ET ride, i went with some friends a few years ago and they called one of my friend a differnt name, his name was Craig, and they called him Cryton lol, so we called him cryton the rest of the two weeks we were in orlando lol.

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    Re: ET adventure?

    Yes the FLorida one is still there. It's an awesome ride. I remember the one in California vividly from 1993, but Florida is my Disney Destination now.

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