tomorrowland speedway suggestion
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    tomorrowland speedway suggestion

    as you wait in line and you go up the ramp, youll see two down ramps leading to the loading docks. you choose which ramp you want to go down. people can access the cars from BOTH sides of each loading dock, making a total of FOUR lines (hard to envison if youve never been on it).

    imagine you are the little arows below (also going in the same direction as the arrow points), this is how you would access the ride:

    ^>>>>>>>>>>>(load here#2)
    ^>>>>>>>>>>>(load here#1)

    using the above diagram to explain, load #1 feeds from BOTH sides, but load #2 almost ALWAYS feeds from only ONE side. therefore, once you get to the first down ramp (load #1), rather than continuing on to the second down ramp (load #2)--NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHORTER IT MAY SEEM from load #2, you MUST go to the first down ramp (load #1) simply because it feeds from both sides, so it moves TWICE as fast as the second down ramp (load #2).

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    excellant suggestion! Thanks! I'll use that for our next trip (it's been almost 10 years since I rode that ride - we've skipped it ever since I turned 12) but now... I think we might just take a spin at it!

    Thanks Mairejain!
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