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    Exclamation TalkDisney Premium Membership

    Hello TD'ers!!
    Are you in love with TalkDisney? Do you stay up to the wee hours reading TD posts? Do you want to show your support but don't know how?

    We've got the answer right here!
    Become a Premium Member!!

    Besides supporting TD you will get:

    - 6,000 TalkDisney Credits
    - Weekly credit paycheck of 250 credits every 7 days!
    See FAQ for more Premium Member credit bonuses
    - 250 pm limit instead of the normal 25
    - Able to use message tracking
    - Send 10 PM's at once
    - Larger custom avatar 100 X 100
    - Premium member banner (people will be jealous of this!!)
    - 5 megs of Photo storage in our photo gallery
    - Can View Detailed Location Info for logged in users
    - Access to our members only section of the site.
    - And most important you will be supporting your beloved

    Don't be shy membership is only $6 a month (that's less than a value meal at McDonalds) or $45 a year!

    Click here and instantly reap the rewards!

    anything and everything helps! Thanks!!
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    Those Premium Member Banners are Gorgeous!

    (Can't wait till the staff can get one.)
    ~°o°~ MouseMan ~°o°~ TD Admin ~°o°~

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    sidman656 Honorary Citizen of the Magic Kingdom
    I wish I could contribute but I'm not old enough Can you pay by cash?

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    I think i might this summer

    "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow...just a dream away"

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    Quote Originally Posted by minnie*mickey
    I think i might this summer
    anything and everything helps! Thansk!!

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    Oct 2003
    New Orleans
    I definitly recommend becoming a premium member!! All the perks are excellent and you will be helping out your favorite site!!!

    "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children" Walt Disney

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    Jul 2002
    San Francisco, CA
    This is the only site where I am a premium member and it is well worth it. Besides helping out my favorite site I was hit with all these perks. Its all worth it, its a Disney vacation 24/7
    -Jeff Wayne
    Disneyland Cast Member

    Making dreams come true...

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    I think i should become a member since im always here, im hooked to this site just like i am disney itself, so i almost guarantee by the end of this summer i will be a member...i hope

    "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow...just a dream away"

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    Why did it do that little șOșOș thingie?
    Because you posted a non disney word! LOL

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    I think I'll have to try this one out after I get my feet wet here.
    Doombuggy Crazy!

    I am your Host - Your Ghost Host!

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    May 2002
    8 miles from DLR!
    Off topic but;
    Jeff, I love your new avatar!
    ~ MickeysGirl șoș
    ~ Gotta Love the Mouse! șoș

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    Sep 2003
    Pewaukee WI.


    This is a great way to show support for TD.....So if you can , please join and find out what is happening on the other side!

    "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our childen"
    Walt Disney
    Talk Disney Administrator

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    May 2004
    What ever floats your boat, buddy.
    To repeat sidman's question... can you pay by cash??


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    Feb 2004
    near birmingham uk
    im starting a new job soon (inshallah) so once ive found how much the cash flow each month will be i would be more than happy to help TD out cause threr the best and everyones been so good too me!!!

    thanx barney xx
    jim hawkins gal

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    Sep 2003
    Gainesville, FL
    How old do you have to be?

    CP Spring 2010 - Team Mickey, Downtown Disney
    follow me on Twitter! @JFerralls

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