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    ChelleMB70 Honorary Citizen of the Magic Kingdom

    Question Mouse Shoppe

    I found a link to the Mouse Shoppe Online here. I checked out the site and found there are a lot of products from Disneyland and DCA there. I was wondering if there is a similar site for WDW products online. Anybody have some info?

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    great question:bounce:

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    That is a good question. I don't knwo the answer but if i find out i will post it! :stick:

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    Mouseshoppe does indeed have a ton of great Disneyland stuff! I have never been disapointed by things I got from there...and Adrienne is marvelous!
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    Dont know of any site for WDW merch but here are ph #'s

    If you'd like to order Walt Disney World Theme Park Merchandise, call 407/363-6200 8:30 am - 4:30 pm EDT.

    To order merchandise from the World of Disney Store at Downtown Disney's Marketplace, call 407/828-1451.

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    Found a great site devoted to WDW merchandise!!! Here it is!

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    They have the fantastic SpectroMagic CD! (LOVE this parade! Just hearing the opening fanfare drives me crazy! Gotta get one of these ASAP!)
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    It's back cover...
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    The Figment Spinner Christmas Ornament!
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    And they do have some Disneyland stuff like this gorgeous Disneyland Throw! (And at $110.00...it's rather steep but beautiful!)
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    And some great general Disney stuff like this wonderful Disney On Broadway book! (If you don't have the books they created for each proiduction...THIS edition encapsulates all three productions beautifully in one volumn.)
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    And here's a link to a site that offers merchandise from Tokyo Disneyland! (Pictured below is a fun Monorail Pen they offer amongst the rest of the great stuff they have available for purchase.)

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    Phil Sears is a highly creditable Disney merchandise master. Check out his website for things you won't find anywhere else! (Including actual Walt Disney autographed things! When the Disney company needs someone to verify Walt's signature on things..they call Phil!) Not only is he good at what he does, he's a great guy and a lot of fun! I've never been disapointed with things I've gotten from him.

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    All about the PINS! :bounce:

    Of course...for news on upcoming pins...you can't go wrong with Dizpins!

    And PinPics.com is a great free service that allows one to store online a visual list of pins one has...has trades of...or wants! Check it out...but watch out...it's VERY addictive!


    And here's another pin site that sells the little beauties!


    And yet...another great pin site.


    And still another one...


    And here's one I've never had much luck with...(I won a free pin in a special easter egg hunt game and never got it!) ...but here it is anyways...Good luck!

    And then there's the new DizAuctions site. Arlen Miller hsa some GREAT stuff too! So check it out!

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    Pinocchio Productions has a very nice melange of merchandise available in their weekly auctions site. I've gotten some great and rare things from here. (They take forever to ship things off to you though...so be prepared! If you want it...it's worth the wait...right? )

    ~o~ MouseMan ~o~ TD Admin ~o~

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