The Universe's Funniest Animals/Stitch Episode!
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    Thumbs up The Universe's Funniest Animals/Stitch Episode!

    I'm not quite sure about how to fill you in on this show...but here goes...

    Anyone have Digital cable with Animal Planet on it? Well, this ABC owned channel,part of the Discovery Channel package, has a show caled the World's Funniest Animals.

    Here's the kicker! Late last night,at about 11:30 or so my time was an episode called The Universe's Funniest Animals.

    This was a special episode where they added Stitch to all sorts of odd live taped situations and other animals, and they showed the teasers and other special info on L&S! I have scoured the site and there is no info to be had on this show or when or if it will air again. It was quite interesting to see this company synergy at work and the episode was very well done actually!

    So if you're interested in seeing this special show...keep your eyes peeled!
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    Its on now 7/5 3:30 pm central time.....

    heres more info

    TV Listings

    Network: Animal Planet
    Series: The Galaxy's Funniest Animals
    Episode: The Galaxy's Funniest Animals

    Join Animal Planet for a fun and entertaining Planet's Funniest Animals' special. Get exclusive sneak previews of the Disney movie, "Lilo & Stitch" as well as a special guest appearance from Stitch himself!

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