Okay folks. Here it is. A special forum exlusively for organising and discussing upcoming meets at Disney theme parks and events.

Nothing pleases us here at Talk Disney more than friends who meet here at TD, who get the magical chance to meet up at Disney parks and events. We always look forward to reading their great reports and seeing wonderful photos. However, we'd like to point out that Talk Disney and it's staff is not responsible for anything "off-site" and therefore, we ask that all communications in this forum and subsequent "meets" be kept in the true spirit of Walt Disney and his family-friendly vision, and that the actions of members are the sole responsibility of said members and do not reflect on Talk Disney, the Talk Disney staff and it's membership.

Basically, it's up to the members who utilise this forum to organise meets to act in the expected manner and share the Disney Magic when on these meets. Ohana!

After saying all that...this forum is now open! Dive in and let's see some Disney Meets Magic!