July Trip Report!
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    Red face July Trip Report!

    Hey Everyone!!
    I just returned home from WDW on Monday night. I'm still so very exhausted!! My boyfriend and I left for Orlando early in the morning on Wednesday the 14th. (This was my boyfriend's first real trip to WDW, and I was hoping very much that he would enjoy it all as much as I always have.) We got to French Quarter around 11:30 am! The resort is beautiful and so peaceful!! I had my heart set on Caribbean Beach, since I worked on the College program there and I happen to love how Caribbean is so spread out. But I had to settle for POFQ, which wasn't having to settle at all! Naomi at the front desk was very helpful and asked me what building and what floor we preferred. We ended up with a corner room in building 6 with a great view of the Sassagoula River. Riverside was just a short walk from our room, along with all of the other amenities at Port Orleans.
    The first day we just relaxed and sat by the pool, we chose a quiet pool over at Riverside since there were usually less lil' ones and less noise at the quiet pools. It was so hot!!! We were in the water nearly the whole time!! It was a nice change considering we haven't really had that many real hot summer days in Michigan this year. We had a beautiful first day and concluded it by spending some time at Boardwalk and having a drink and dinner at The ESPN Club- Which I would have to say is a fairly good buy for the money.
    On Thursday we got up early and headed over to the Magic Kingdom for their extra magic hour, which was great!!! We rode 6 attractions in an hour and 15 minutes!!! We left the park around 12 or so and headed back to POFQ and had lunch at the Riverside food court. Later in the day we headed over to Epcot and attempted to wait in line for Test Track, the line wasn't moving well at all!! In fact we saw a couple of empty cars go by on the track, not to mention a few that went by at a much slower speed than the norm. So we opted to hop out of line and check out some of the other attractions. The Orlando Magic Dancers were supposed to be having the final auditions for their dance team over at Pleasure Island, I was very eager to see this, since I'm a dancer myself. But, never underestimate the weather in Florida....the minute we stepped off the bus in Downtown Disney it started to rain.....harder and harder, so us and another couple stopped under a tree outside Pleasure Island to try and keep dry. Smart huh? It didn't help much that the tree happened to be right over a drain!! So basically we got soaked from top to bottom!!! After the rain stopped we made it in to Pleasure Island to find that the dancers were gone and the judges were cleaning up....I'm sure they rescheduled the event. BUMMER! Oh well!! We ended up going back to French Quarter to wait for my parents to arrivel. They were coming in for a few nights and staying at All Star movies. It would be my parents' first trip since '96, so there was a lot I needed to catch them up on.
    The next morning we started at Animal Kingdom, my dad loved "It's Tough to be a Bug" and "Dinosaur". We made our way to MGM and we all rode "Rockin' Rollercoaster" and everyone loved it!!! I was so suprised, cuz neither of my parents or my boyfriend have every been on a coaster that goes upsidedown before. (They are missin' out!!) It's my favorite ride, not to mention Aerosmith is my favorite band!! We had reservations at Chef Mickey's at 5:10pm.... We made it to the Contemporary early and were sat at our table promptly. However I wasn't very impressed with the food, the Prime Rib was decent and the mashed potatoes were excellent, but everything else was pretty bland. I was a lil disappointed at Disney for this. The characters however made up for it somewhat, and so did the dessert! We then headed over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the parade and partake in E-Ride nite. The parade was fantastic as always! Wishes was even more amazing than I remembered it from October when I was there, and E-ride nite was well worth it. My boyfriend loved Buz Lightyear, we ended up going on it twice. lol By 12:30 am we were all exhausted!!!
    The next day we decided to tackle Typhoon!! I definitely picked the best day for it, cuz it didn't rain once. The sun was out most of the day and the park didn't seem overly crowded. After returning back to the resort in the late afternoon I ended up getting a migraine and felt fairly sick the rest of the nite, despite heading out to Orlando and shopping at Ron Jon's. That night, we found out that you can see the Magic Kingdom's fireworks from the top floor corner of building 5 at French Quarter, if you look towards Riverside. I had no idea you could see the fireworks from here!
    Our last couple of days at WDW we visited attractions that we missed and spent a lot of time at Downtown Disney. The boat ride from Port Orleans to Downtown Disney is a great change from always riding the bus and very relaxing at night. We never got to ride Test Track. On our second trip to Epcot the attraction was closed and didn't reopen while we were there. We ended up having dinner without a PS reservation at the Garden Grill, which I believe had much better food than Chef Mickey's and the characters were tons and tons of fun!! I had been to the Garden Grill before and liked it and I still loved it this time. Chip and Dale were in a war at our table.....Chip would come by and write on our napkins that he was the best "munk" and then Dale would come by and counter it and back and forth. It was very comical!! Pluto got a kick out of the Pluto Dog Tag I had engraved for my puppy at the new "Tails End" store at Downtown Disney. (Very cool!!)
    We watched illuminations and then scurried over to the Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes just one more time!!! It is such a magical show!!!!
    Our last day at WDW it was raining most of the day so we did more shopping at Downtown Disney and got ready to go home!! I want to cry everytime I leave. Time goes by way too fast!! I can't wait to go back again!! My parents had a great short visit, who a now still enjoying themselves down in Palm Beach!!! My boyfriend enjoyed everything as well, and agreed that our vacation went by way too fast, and promised we would return again soon!!
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    Jenny~Thank you so much for that trip report. It sounds like you had an absolutely fabulous time despite the rain and migraine (terrible aren't they?).

    I spent a fantastic time in WDW in May with my dh and dd. I promised myself that I would not go back until my dd was five (in two years) so that she could enjoy a little more than she did (see my trip report). But....everytime I read a new trip report, I want to go like...TOMORROW!!! lol I see myself planning a trip sooner than later!


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    Wow! Sounds like a wonderful trip, Jenny!
    I'm glad that you all had such a great time!
    Thanks so much for sharing it with us!
    ~ MickeysGirl ºoº
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    Thanks for the report, it sounds like you had a ton of fun. Always good to hear about others trips, really appreciate it and you did a great job with the recap.
    Go Noles! Ryan

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    Thanks for sharing! You make me want to go now!! I can't wait!!

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    Great trip report JennyPump. To bad about test track , but it still sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing !

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    Thanks for sharing with us Jenny. I can't wait we are leaving in the morning for a 9 day trip to WDW.

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    great report, test track has had some incredible lines lately it seems like every time I'm over there its over 90 mins and the singles is 60 mins.

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    Thank you for the great trip report!! I'm glad to hear you had such a fantastic trip!!!

    "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children" Walt Disney

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    Hey girly! I'm so glad you had fun!
    Let's chalk this one up to another great report for the Port Orleans Resorts!!!
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    Thanks for the report Jenny. Sounds like you had a great time.
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    Sounds like you had a GREAT trip!! Besides Test Track, that sorta stinks. When we were in MK it was pouring, so we went on TTA. We had a whole little cart to ourselves!! I always feel like crying to when we leave, too.
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    After reading that I'm bursting at the seams to go. I leave in a few days but now I'm getting really excited.
    I survived hurricane Charley at
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