McDonald's is to change its kids' menu in the US.
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    McDonald's is to change its kids' menu in the US.

    McDonald's: treat the kids -Yahoo UK & Ireland

    McDonald's is to change its kids' menu in the US.

    McDonald's is to update its children's menu in response to flagging Happy Meal sales, greater competition from its rivals and criticism that its foods are fatty. The move will see fruit and yogurt snacks added to its line up as part of a "Kid Treat" menu in the US. While the move may placate consumers in the short term, it will have to maintain the momentum with further changes in the future.

    McDonald's is to change its kids' menu in the US. The whole of the US fast-food industry is starting to get nervous about the charge that it has peddled high-fat, high-sugar food without telling consumers that it is bad for them. Furthermore, McDonald's ability to target children is now becoming an Achilles heal as parents criticize its children's offerings in particular.

    The answer from the firm has been to offer more "healthy" goods beginning on July 12. The new Kid Treat menu will include fruit and yogurt snacks to help turnaround its sales of children's goods and calm parent's criticisms.

    As part of the move McDonald's has joined forces with General Mills (NYSE: GIS - news) and Dannon to co-brand three children orientated goods in its restaurants. Dannon will offer its Danimals low-fat yogurt drinks and General Mills will offer its Go-gurt yogurt and Fruit Roll-ups fruit snacks.

    As a back up, McDonald's will also offer merchandise related to the forthcoming Walt Disney film "The Country Bears", plus an additional free prize with meal bags.

    But this attempt to answer critics is still likely to meet strong resistance. Professor John Banzhaf, who was one of the foremost figures in the legal battles that brought about the Big Tobacco payouts, is leading the argument against the fast food industry. Critics of the charge say that restaurants cannot be held responsible for the long-term effects of eating the food they sell, but the tobacco companies also used this argument unsuccessfully.

    Whether feelings about this subject maintain their strength remains to be seen, but with parents becoming increasingly concerned about their children's food intake, pressure is more than likely to continue to mount.

    This step by McDonald's may help to halt growing criticism and falling children's sales in the US for the moment, but it will have to continue to reassure parents in the future to regain their trust.
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    I want to see parents get their kids to eat Yogart over French Frys!! That ought to be quite a show.:&hammer:

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    I'll take the yogurt over fries, that's for sure!
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