Here's a handy little reference for the posting levels and names here at TD.

Keep in mind, we do change these from time to time to keep things fresh, new and fun.

TD Newbie (Minimum Posts: 1)
TD Mousketeer (Minimum Posts: 11)
TD Cast Member In Training (Minimum Posts: 33)
TD Junior Cast Member (Minimum Posts: 50)
TD Cast Member (Minimum Posts: 100)
TD Senior Cast Member (Minimum Posts: 734)
TD Imagineer (Minimum Posts: 1099)
TD Senior Imagineer (Minimum Posts: 1567)
TD Top Poster (Minimum Posts: 3222)
TD Posting Maniac (Minimum Posts: 5456)


(Minimum Posts: 1)

(Minimum posts 5)

(Minimum posts 25)

(Minimum posts 100)

(Minimum posts 145)

(Minimum posts 150)

(Minimum posts 190)

(Mimimum posts 250)

(Mimimum posts 275)

(Mimimum posts 350)

(Mimimum posts 390)

(Mimimum posts 450)

(Mimimum posts 500)

(Mimimum posts 600)

(Mimimum posts 750)

(Mimimum posts 775)

(Mimimum posts 850)

(Mimimum posts 975)