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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariel_Fan_1
    WOW, these are all such great ideas!! I can't wait until I have kids and I can start thinkin' of ideas myself for them.
    Why wait for kids to do that? I think I'm going to do one for my next trip down, and I'm 25!
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    A few other suggestions:

    Make the 2 covers for your book as strong and sturdy as possible. It gives the characters something substantial to sign on rather than anything flimsy which would cause trouble when signing.

    I would also suggest avoiding those thin metalic pens in silver and gold and colored paper! When used on colored paper, particularly pastel colors, these metalic pens tend to disappear and the characters can't see the difference between ink and paper clearly. The thinner to bold felt tip markers are great as they can see them very clearly and for heaven's sake...NEVER aim the felt tip at the characters hands or gloves! It make a mess and looks terrible and oft times they can't replace them once off set for the whole day!

    When in line at a meet and greet, please make sure to have those books and pens open and ready! Nothing frustrates the other guests in line and the characters more than waiting till the people coming up to see them flounder and gape without having anything ready for them to sigen. (That includes having the camera ready too!) This also holds true in disning experiences with the characters. They have a certain rotation and time alotted per table. The more time is wasted in having to remind folks to get their stuff ready, the less time the characters have to spend with them and other guests. You want to create lasting, fun yet quick photographic memories for your book...just like the hundreds of others in line. Keep a quick time frame!

    Characters are almost always up for fun shots within character so the quicker you can guide your children and others in your group to a pose, the more shots one might be able to take rather than the one shot people wind up with because too much time is wasted. By the time a group has gotten through 2 meet and greets they should have a routine down enough that they can quickly and effectively start to adjust and alter it in order to make sure that the shots are varied and unique.

    Look for attendants with the free character stickers. Ask for a couple for your scrapbook to personalise the pages the characters are on.

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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    the pillowcases are great ideas- but also look into a white t-shirt! i've seen others do this and then you get to go home and wear it out! way cheaper than getting a shirt at the parks that says 2006 or whatever year that you always feel silly wearing once that year is up anyway!
    also... Mary Poppins is one of my brother's favorite characters, and when I got in line i realized I had nothing for her to sign to bring back as a souven"ear", so I turned the video option on for my digital camera and asked her if she would send him a quick hi to get him excited for his october trip. Not only did she say "hi vincent", but she gave him a whole message about how she couldn't wait to see him in october and how he needed to watch her movie and "study up" so they could sing supercalafragalisticexpealidocous together! he was so excited to have mary poppins talk directly to him and know he was coming in october! I'll try to download the clip as soon as I find out how- (admins- can i do that?)
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    I am an autograph collector. I have autographs of all the presidents back to Jimmy Carter. I have an astronaut or two. More than a few famous stars and some not so famous magicians.
    At one time people pretty much only keep autograph books, blank paper books that they collected signatures in. Although these are still used, most people have expanded to other items with autographs on them. So, if your collection is like mine, autographs may be on black and white or color photos, baseball or sports cards, envelopes, napkins, receipts, cancelled checks, letters, greeting cards or invitations.
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    I have a friend who makes a Disney brag book and it is so cute!
    I order one everytime I go on my trips!

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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    I did our own personalized autograph books back in '07 when we went and they were really a hit with the characters! They loved seeing their own pic and name on a page and it got them really excited to see that we had put that much effort into it. The only caution is that sometimes we would see a character and try to "hurry" to find their page! So i'd keep a few blanks too. This actually caused quite a stir with our "Feisty" Donald. We found Daisy's page, and fumbled through the book and couldn't find Donald's and he had his hands on his hips and motioned that he was VERY annoyed that we had a "Daisy" page, but not a Donald one!!
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    I did my own autograph book for last years trip, it was fun seeing the characters reaction. After a couple of stressful days, I finally got a system, I divided the pages into likely characters for that days park plus any character meals with what I called generic pages in the back. I kept like characters together. I kept the pages together with an aligator clip, moving the already signed pages to the back once away from the character. I had a piece cut to size of masonite board. Used the aligator clip to hold it all together.

    Once at home I put the pages in a 4x6 photo album, I will put pic of character on the opposite side of the autograph, just have not done that yet.

    I found Disney lanyard pens at Big Lots that I think will work great for our next trip and autographs.
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    keep in mind some of the characters use stamps, such as buzz lightyear, due to the size of their gloves, but yes shapries for sure
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    Wow! The clip is a great idea. I will definitely use that on next years trip.
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    Re: Making my own autograph book?

    Ok, Just did something REALLY cool!! I had a FREE photo book to get on SO I went and collected a bunch of Disney Characters Pics on-line and used them to design an 8x8 Autograph book with personalized pages for the characters!! The book is AWESOME and I can't WAIT to get it in the mail!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnoMasCervesa
    Ok, Just did something REALLY cool!! I had a FREE photo book to get on SO I went and collected a bunch of Disney Characters Pics on-line and used them to design an 8x8 Autograph book with personalized pages for the characters!! The book is AWESOME and I can't WAIT to get it in the mail!!
    What a fun idea! Bravo!
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