Hello one and all.

We have been experiencing a flood of signature problems of late on Talk Disney and the staff feels that it is time to ask those involved to please read, understand and comply with what is being asked and make the changes needed within 24 hours from the posting of this very thread and the issues inherent. We continue to strive keeping Talk Disney a cleaner than average site and clarity and communication are the utmost positive results of such attempts by the staff.

In order to make this process efficient, we have had to forgo the timely Private Message feature and must appeal on the open board to those members found to be in violation of the site's rules and TOS (Linked below) and paying particular notice of Section O.

If you are on this list, it is nothing personal, but merely the attempt to alert you quickly to please see what the problem is and check out the Talk Disney Terms of Service thread to see how to handle the changes needed to be within Talk Disney Standards.

Premium Members do have a few other perks allowed and we expect them to read the TOS to see what the situation is.

And regular members would do well to take the time to read the site's rules no matter what. It would assist in the running of the site if everyone knew what is expected of them and how to post, etc.

If these signature situations are not taken care of within the 24 hours of posting this thread, the staff will have to go in and alter them accordingly. Once the member takes care of the problem, their names shall be removed from the listing below as soon as possible.


Thank you for helping us in this matter.
The Talk Disney Staff

Jacks Too long
lillypulitzer 3 animated smilies
BerliosXO 2 animated smilies
I_LUV_EPCOT 3 smilies
TheGoofy1 2 animated smilies
Princess_Atta 11 smilies
eternalhearts 2 animated smilies
fig fan 6 smilies, 5 of which are animated
buchananrw 6 smilies 2 of which are animated
9 lines long, 7 smilies 3 of which are animated
codimouse 9 lines long (6 lines + countdown clock is acceptable just looks wierd because sig is multi-colored and count down clock is first not last)
disneycrazy 4 smilies, 3 of which are animated
cinderella_girl 9 lines long, 3 smilies
gjn25 HUGE picture (the caption is incorrect)
dizgrammy = Using DisneyPro's avatar & 4 animated smilies (Premium member)
misshunkules = only three lines but in upper and lower case letters
disneycrazy = 3 out of 4 animated smilies (Premium member)
iluvstitch = 5 smilies
TinkerbEllE1224 = just has to be seen to be fully appreciated!
DisneyDude = Using Mickey Crazy's custom avatar
i love mickey - 4 smilies, 2 of which are animated
cb_dreamer - 2 animated smilies
IceKiss56 -9 smilies, 4 of which are animated, and a ton of unnecessary blank lines
~*wishes*~ - 2 animated smilies
HmDonald90 - Font (Started by a Mouse) size 5 & 6. Sig 9 lines long.
chubbypotato - Font(s) Courier New; size 4, Garamond; size 4, Georgia; size 4, Palatino Linotype; size 4.
DisneyFreak0990 - 5 smilies, 4 animated
KingStefan -11 lines long