TV Guide's 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time
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    Exclamation TV Guide's 50 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time

    In its August 3 issue (on newsstands Monday, July 29), TV Guide magazine continues the 50th anniversary celebration of the TV Guide brand by naming the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time.
    Bugs Bunny tops the list compiled by TV Guide editors, followed by Homer Simpson and the duo of Rocky and Bullwinkle. MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head share honors at number four, with The Grinch rounding out the top five.
    See the complete list below.

    The special issue features four special animated collector's covers, each featuring an exclusive combination of characters not usually associated with each other.
    One cover has Angelica Pickles of Rugrats pulling a football away as Charlie Brown tries to kick it; one has Bullwinkle pulling the head of Homer Simpson out of a hat as Rocky looks on; one has Popeye pulling up an anchor from the side of the boat to find SpongeBob SquarePants on the end of it; a fourth cover features Daffy Duck and Porky Pig in a spaceship as the Powerpuff Girls fly by.
    A complete set of the four 50 greatest cartoon characters collector's covers will be available for purchase online at the TV Guide Store beginning Monday, July 29.
    TV Guide Online will support the 50 greatest cartoon characters announcement by giving fans the chance to see what has been on Saturday morning television since TV Guide first began 50 years ago.
    Users can log on to to find Saturday morning TV grids from the 1950's to the present. Also available are descriptions of classic cartoon shows.
    The TV Guide Channel will also celebrate the announcement of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time with "Hollywood Insider" segments featuring celebrities talking about their favorite cartoon characters.


    1 Bugs Bunny
    2 Homer Simpson
    3 Rocky and Bullwinkle
    4 Beavis and Butt-Head
    5 The Grinch
    6 Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble
    7 Angelica Pickles
    8 Charlie Brown and Snoopy
    9 SpongeBob SquarePants
    10 Cartman from South Park
    11 Bart and Lisa Simpson
    12 Fat Albert
    13 The Powerpuff Girls
    14 Daffy Duck
    15 Pikachu
    16 Gumby
    17 Betty Boop
    18 Top Cat
    19 Mickey Mouse
    20 Popeye
    21 Gerald McBoing-Boing
    22 Scooby-Doo
    23 Underdog
    24 Josie and the Pussycats
    25 Heckle and Jeckle
    26 Arthur
    27 Winnie the Pooh
    28 Felix The Cat
    29 Mr. Magoo
    30 George of the Jungle
    31 Ren and Stimpy
    32 Tom Terrific
    33 Tweety and Sylvester
    34 Bill from Schoolhouse Rock
    35 Space Ghost
    36 Yogi Bear and Boo Boo
    37 Mighty Mouse
    38 Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
    39 Superman
    40 Batman
    41 Daria
    42 Wonder Woman
    43 Donald Duck
    44 Alvin (The Chipmunk)
    45 Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale
    46 Woody Woodpecker
    47 Porky Pig
    48 Bobby Hill from King of the Hill
    49 Speed Racer
    50 Tom and Jerry


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    cover #2
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    cover #3
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    cover #4
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    I don't geek out and get these TV Guide cover series...but I WILL get this one! They're GREAT!
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    Mickey at number 19
    I thought he'd do better....

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    He dont get the same amount of TV coverage any more.

    Which is really sad because I think the younger generation need some good cartoons that dont involve so much violent connotations.

    But thats only my view point (a concerned father)

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    And I hate those WB cartoons, it's always the same: one chasing another......

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    MICKEY and the Flintstones should be way up there

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    Eddie Rabbit said:Mickey at number 19
    I thought he'd do better....
    :mEars: 19! Rigged this list was tampered with!
    I suspect WB!!! Count the chads!!! :mEars:
    ~ MickeysGirl o
    ~ Gotta Love the Mouse! o

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    Way to go MickeysGirl -- You Tell Them

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    Bugs Bunny tops greatest cartoon characters list

    (CNN) --For now, there's no need for Bugs Bunny to ask, "What's up, doc?" According to TV Guide, he is.

    The "wascally wabbit," who's faced down Elmer Fudd, Marvin the Martian and Yosemite Sam, has come out on top again: According to the latest issue of TV Guide, Bugs Bunny is the greatest cartoon character of all time.

    Bugs is also the only character from the pre-television animated-short golden age to make the magazine's top 10.

    He's followed by Homer Simpson, befuddled father on Fox's long-running "The Simpsons"; Rocky and Bullwinkle, the heroes of Jay Ward's parodistic cartoon series of the '50s and '60s; Beavis and Butt-head, Mike Judge's dopey MTV metalheads; and the Grinch, the Dr. Seuss character who just doesn't like Christmas until he's shown the error of his ways.

    Also in the top 10: Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble of "The Flintstones," the first successful prime-time cartoon series; Angelica Pickles of "Rugrats"; Charlie Brown and Snoopy of "Peanuts"; SpongeBob SquarePants; and Cartman of "South Park."

    A tough bunny to keep down
    Bugs, a clever beast with long ears who always seems to make the wrong turn at Albuquerque, has been a hit since his first appearance in 1938's "Porky's Hare Hunt." His first starring role, in 1940's "A Wild Hare," saw the first utterance of his catchphrase, "What's up, doc?"

    The hero of many a Warner Bros. cartoon, his success has carried over to television, advertising and other media. (Warner Bros. is a division of AOL Time Warner, as is

    His tough-talking image, inimitably voiced by Mel Blanc (who once said he created the voice out of the two toughest-sounding accents he knew, that of Brooklyn and the Bronx), was molded in classic WB shorts directed by such luminaries as Tex Avery, Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng.

    Over the years, Bugs has been an opera singer, barber, lumberjack and medieval knight, and has worked with stars ranging from Michael Jordan to Taz, the Tasmanian devil. And despite the Daffy Duck's constant attempts to steal the spotlight, Bugs always holds on to the glow.

    Daffy, incidentally, ended up at No. 14 in the TV Guide list, behind both Fat Albert and the Powerpuff Girls.

    The TV Guide list includes characters from the movies, television, comic strips and comic books, and features both creations very old (Popeye and Felix the Cat, both of which date to the 1920s) and very new (the Powerpuffs and SpongeBob).

    Several characters, including Superman and Wonder Woman, have saved the world, and at least one -- Alvin from the Chipmunks -- has sung on a No. 1 hit ("The Chipmunk Song").

    Heavens to Murgatroid! Where's ...
    Some surprises: Mickey Mouse ranks at No. 19, and though Josie and the Pussycats made it, the Archies are nowhere to be found.

    Cartoon expert Jerry Beck -- who has written several books and television shows about the history of cartoons -- says the list is "a good thing on the whole," stirring up debate and renewing interest in classic cartoons.

    "You could really debate this list," he says, noting the apparent lack of criteria used to create it. "I think they're rating it by beloved-ness. But even then you have questions!"

    Internet discussion groups are already deep into arguments about this list's flaws. "Where's the Pink Panther?" one person asks. Others bemoan the lack of Smurfs.

    Many of the complaints attack TV Guide's ranking current characters ahead of time-tested ones. Notably, the American Film Institute refuses to include relatively recent films in its "greatest" lists.

    But Beck believes the diversity of time periods included is good for cartooning.

    "An old-timer might look at this list," he observers, "and say, 'Who's Arthur?' or 'Who's SpongeBob SquarePants?' or 'What's Pikachu?' " And the publicity, he adds, may also get children or young people interested in more of the classics.

    He thinks some current characters, such as Homer Simpson, are already among history's greats.

    "You know someone like it, or you identify with (it)," he says. "That's really the key to a classic character."
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    How can you not put Mickey Mouse #1, when a whole empire was built around and because of him, oh and by the way Goofy should have been #2. LOL :&LOL: :&LOL:
    a family of piglets.....
    who love DLR and goofy's kitchen.
    :&goofy: :&mickeyhe

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    Beavis and Butt-Head #4

    Come on now they should be way down on the list, and the flintstones $ mickey are definatly better then them.

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