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  • The Original Mickey Mouse Club

    44 51.16%
  • The 1977 Mickey Mouse Club

    18 20.93%
  • The 1998 Mickey Mouse Club

    24 27.91%
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    Put 'em to work!
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    Back in the '70's, we had the original Mickey Mouse Club on. I love the original.:mEars: :mEars: :&morecool :$hades:

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    The original, in Black and White
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    I voted for the 1970's MMC, cause well those are the ones I watched!!

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    I grew up on the version with Brittany Spears in it and Justin Timberlake.

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    I grew up mostly on the 1998 verison But I do remember watching some of the older one when we first got cable and the Disney channel:&mickeyhe

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    I never really got the chance to watch any of them. I'm 16 and didn't get cable until I was 13 or so.
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    I saw the first Mickey Mouse club way back in the early 50s
    I love it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goofy Girl 86
    Which is your favorite Mickey Mouse Club. Is it The Original Mickey Mouse Club (1955-1959), The 1977 Mickey Mouse Club, or the 1998 Mickey Mouse Club?
    I would have to say the 1977 version. This is the one I grew up on being born in 1968.

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    Well I was a kid in the 70's but I only watched the original so I guess the answer would be the original. I saw a couple of episodes of the one with Brittany and Justin but did not care for those. I never did watch the ones made in the 70's

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    The original MMC.
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    Unfortunately, I was just born at the wrong time. I was not even around for the originial and I was born in 1977 so I missed that one too. By the time the 1998 version arrived, I was in college and considered myself a bit "too cool" to watch. Only recently have I rediscovered MMC and its the original that I prefer!! Its just much more charming and less cheesy than the others!
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    What about the one that came on in like the eary 90's. That was the one with Britt and Justin. I don't remember them being on in 1998.
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    My Favorite was The one with JC, and Britney, And Justin (favorite 3) . Thats the only one i really remember.

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