Planning first trip to Disneyland......
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    Planning first trip to Disneyland......

    Planning our first family trip to Disneyland....looking for insight as to which hotel and some tips/hints. Give me all of your knowledge....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Do you want to stay at the resort? Or are you looking to stay just off in the surrounding area? At the resort there are 3 locations. Grand Californian (most expensive), Disneyland Hotel (mid) and Paradise Pier (least). They are all nice hotels, and they all have pools, restaurants, etc.

    Plan to hit the most popular rides first thing in the pass is not always up and running these days.

    There are 3....hmmm maybe 4 character breakfasts. Be sure to make reservations for at least one of them....

    Princess Breakfast inside DL

    Chip & Dale at Grand CA

    Minne & Friends at Paradise Pier

    Goofie & Friends at Disneyland Hotel

    Make sure to see the following shows:

    Fantasmic (DL)

    Fireworks (DL)

    Aladdin (DCA)

    Electric Parade (DCA)

    Oh yeah, the new parade at DL too

    I'm sure I'll think of more later, but I have to back to work now.

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    If your looking to stay off property i recomend the Residence Inn on harbour boulavard! They offer a huge free breakfast every morning plus complimentary shuttle to DLR! It's an awesome hotel!
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    You are gonna have so much fun! I'm sure that there are people here that will love to give you LOTS of insight on how to plan your trip. Have fun
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    If you are staying off site take advantage of the shuttle bus - it really saves the feet!

    I can recomend the Red Roof Inn for an inexpensive stay (about $50.00 per night)

    I do NOT recommend the Little boy blue hotel - very BAD!! For the same price as the Red Roof!

    I am going this weekend - we are going to try the Days Inn on Ball -- looks good and it is close to the parking garage.

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