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    Fantastic I'm so glad you had such a great time + I like the idea of a nice relaxing people watch whilst they are going on the coasters . I'm definately in favor of that on certain rides

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    Cool Letting Kids Go Alone

    Quote Originally Posted by i_luv_tink
    On my next trip to DLR, do you TD fans and friends think it would be ok to let my kids and their friends (age range from 10-12) venture around the park by themselves? We would both have walkie talkies and a place to meet several times during the day to check in and such. They are getting older and don't have the same interests that I do around the park. I want to get the opinion of other parents and casts members first before I decide. Thanks a bunch.

    Personally, I think 10-12 is a bit young to let them go off on their own. We didn't let our oldest go off alone at WDW until he was 15 and even then it was only for a couple of up and do stuff together, then maybe let him go off alone again for a bit.
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    I agree with Ray....
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    Well the way we handled it, things turned out perfect. We had a blast and they all went home tired. It couldn't have been a more perfect trip.

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