Pets and Kennel Information for DLR
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    Pets and Kennel Information for DLR

    The Disneyland Kennel Club is open 1/2 hour before earliest Park opening and 1/2 hour after latest Park closing. Price is $15.00 per pet (CASH or DISNEY DOLLARS ONLY). Food and water is provided by the Disneyland Resort. The Guests must return to the Kennel to walk their animal. No Overnight Stays.
    Guest traveling with a pet must park at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, if they wish to transport the pet to the Kennel via Tram. In the event the Guest parks in either the Pumbaa or Buzz Lightyear parking lots, they will not be permitted to take their pet on the shuttle, as they are not owned or operated by the Disneyland Resort. The Guest should alert the Parking Lot Host or Hostess to the pet so they may be redirected to the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure.
    For more information, contact the Disneyland Kennel Club (714) 781-7662. Reservations are unnecessary.
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    Re: Pets and Kennel Information for DLR

    This is a great news for the people who are going to a Disney tour.It is a Great information for pets so that you can take very good care of your pets while traveling.

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    Re: Pets and Kennel Information for DLR

    I just put my rats in my backpack and take them there.
    and a bag of food and some toys. the kennel dont stock rat chow. tried to leave them in a cage in my room once.
    the maids would feed them junk food and play with them. too much sugar makes a rat a little ratty....
    Fr Corey†

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