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    Question Who's your Character?

    Hey guys i'm kinda bored at the moment, so I just feel like asking... Who is your favorite Disney character? And as bonus, what's your favorite Disney movie?
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    well, my fave character has to be.......Aladdin. he's my hero!!

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    My favorite character/movie is Mary Poppins. Definitely.
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    My favorite character is definately Mickey Mouse, because without him, where would we be? My favorite movie is The Lion King, because it's just always been... ever since I saw it when I was... 3!

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    Mickey Mouse for the character. I have too many favorite movies to pick just one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFun101
    My favorite character is definately Mickey Mouse, because without him, where would we be? My favorite movie is The Lion King, because it's just always been... ever since I saw it when I was... 3!
    (Wow...that rhymes!)

    Favorite character? Hmmm...Emperor Kuzco for his sarcasm and sense of humor...Lilo for being so misunderstood, Chip and Dale for being so classic and silly and Milo Thatch because he and I have almost identical personalities.

    Favorite movie? I've said it before about other 'favorite' threads...it's like trying to pick a favorite child...I don't think there's any way to choose just one. I have different favorites. I think Fantasia is probably the most beautiful and creative film, (Fantasia 2000 is nice, but nothing compares to the original). Emperor's New Groove is probably the funniest (I like David Spade's sense of humor anyway...), Aladdin is probably the most well-rounded story (with a once-in-a-lifetime performance by Robin Williams) and Monster's, INC is so original and the combination of Billy Crystal and John Goodman is great. Any one of these could be considered my 'favorite', it just depends on the requirements...

    Who's next?


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    Mickey Favorite Character

    I love Minnie mouse... She is so sweet and cute
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    Well hmmm thats a tough one there is so many to pick from....well i love peter pan and i love beauty and the beast its the best movie ever!!
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    easy can you guess who my favorite charcter is? - Bad Pete Mainly cause he has taken on so many incarnations over the years and has grown as a character. he stared way back in the Alice Comedies before mickey was drawn and continues to be a villian today ( three mousketeers and house fo Mouse).

    favorite movie? hmm..... i think it might be little mermaid cause of the music, great characters (who can argue with buddy hacket in a disney flick huh?) and animation along with the timeless story. ( lion king would be a close second for all the same reasons).
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    I'd have to say the Megara from Hercules is my favorite character because she is so much like me, it's scary!! My favorite Disney movie is also my fave movie of all time...Aladdin!!!
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    My favorite character has to be Robin Hood, just because the guy who did his voice has such a wonderful voice, but really i love all the characters so much, that i feel bad saying Robin is my favorite because then it would seen that i didn't love all the other ones. i love them all, even the villains.
    And i love all the movies so much, that i'm not even going to put one.
    hugs, lizzie. ROBIN ROCKS!!!

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    of course the goof man and the movie would be Pirates... !
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    Yarg...I don't think I'll ever be able to choose between Jack Skellington, Belle, and Cinderella.

    As for movie...Hmm...Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and...Pirates of the Caribbean and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    >.< I'm so indecisive.
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    Stitch is my hero!!! But my all-time favorite Disney movie is definitely the Lion King. Makes me all teary-eyed! lol

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    Oy! This is a tough one...oh boy...Uhm...

    Characters? Well, favorite male is either Timon, Simba, Tarzan or Eric...females...Mulan, Mary Poppins, Ariel, and the forest nymph from Fantasia 2000.

    Movies. Wow. I'm lazy. I don't think I have a favorite. They're all great.

    But favorite as of now?

    The Black Cauldron. Gotta love Gurgy.
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