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    My fav carachter is probably Donald because I relate to his temper and who can resist a man (uhh...duck) in uniform.My favorite movie is a harder choice...of all the ones Disney has put out I wouldhave to pick the original Parent Trap. I could watch that ovie over and over (and do).

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    Belle as you can see is my favorite. She is a lot like me... kind of an outcast but with so much potential. Although I wish I could read like her... but I have a short attention span and can't read more than a chapter before I get bored and toss it (the book that is) to the side. See even now I am getting off subject. In any case Belle is the best.

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    My favorite character is absolutely Goofy!!!

    Favorite movie??? That's hard. I can't pick one. Finding Nemo, Mulan, Peter Pan, Cinderella...to name a few.

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    My favorite is Stitch!! Can talk like him too!!

    I like all the movies especially Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Stitch has a glitch, and the Goofy Movies.
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    Eeyore! You should see my room. I also am fond of Cinderella though, because without her Disney would most likey have gone under.... and of course Mickey Mouse.

    Oh, I like Stitch too. And Baloo!
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    You'd think I'd say Alice, but I really only like the Disney artwork, not the Disney movie. What I love is Alice from the original Lewis Carroll story. But the Mad Hatter from the Disney film is a bit of a trip!

    So, I'd have to say my favorite Disney character (of the moment) is Tinker Bell. Especially when she's having an attitude problem!

    I think my favorite Disney film is Mary Poppins.

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    I'm an RVer, home is where you park it.
    Favorite charachter has got to be the mouse! One of my favorite movies, though it is tough to choose, is The Little Mermaid.
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    In order:

    Dumbo, Stitch, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel (can I count them as one since they're always together)

    Currently my favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas
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    Pluto is my fave character and Stitch as well. I like Alice in Wonderland.

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    I like all the villains.

    Especially Captain Hook , and Jafar (because you never see him!)
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    My favorite character is Tigger, but I also really like Stitch. (high energy, a little warped....yep, a lot like me). Of course, I will always love Mickey - without him where would we all be?

    Favorite movie is The Lion King! I get chills every time I hear the opening and I actually cried along with the chills when I went to see the stage production. I also love the mini production at AK.
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    My favorite character is definetly my favorite because she's so cute!!!
    And my favorite movies has to be Beauty and the Beast. It's so romantical!!!
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    My favorite character is tinkerbell, an dmy favorite movie would be Lady and the Tramp ( classic) Lilo and Stich ( more current)

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    Re: Who's your Character?

    My favorite character is Scar

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    Re: Who's your Character?

    My favorite characters

    Mickey (of course)
    Robin Hood
    Edmund (Narnia)
    Aslan (Narnia)

    my favorite movies
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Twitches (Disney Channel)
    Pirates of the Caribbean

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