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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclvscats View Post
    Favorite disney character is for sure Marie! I love her & sadly have never seen here @ France in epcot!! I am still working on that!
    I have seen Marie, but not at Epcot. She was at the morning character greeting under the sorcerers hat in HS. When you get into the park, ask a CM to call to see if Marie will be appearing, they were very helpful one day helping us locate Mulan. Often the meet and greet at HS has unique characters. We have seen Meeko, Rafiki, Marie, and Maid Marion from Robin Hood.

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    Re: Who's your Character?

    Chip is my fav!! Favorite movie? Mulan.

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    I love the charecter Stitch/ the movie Lilo And Stitch
    And Nemo!

    thanks hopey1243

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