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    Question Odd question..

    My two girls ages, 5 and 7 have made cards for Mickey and have informed me that they will give the cards to Mickey at WDW. Do I discourage them from bringing the cards, or is there a Mickey to give the cards to? I am so afraid that if I let them give the cards to Mickey that he will not take the cards and they will be heartbroken.

    I was thinking that maybe I could give the cards to the service desk of the hotel and tell the girls that they will give the cards to Mickey. I will then sneak some stuffed Mickeys onto their beds as a thank you from Mickey.

    If I bought the Mickeys, would customer service put them on their beds?

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    I can't say for sure, but I would be willing to bet that the cast member(s) who accompany Mickey would be more than happy to hold and take the cards after your girls share them with him. If you wanted to make 'double-sure', just mention it to the cast members as the girls head up to Mickey. You'll find that Disney will do just about anything to accomodate a child's wish...

    As for the Mickeys in the room, that's a great idea! I'm not sure if guest services would take the responsibility for ensuring the 'delivery' of the plush Mickeys, though. You could always ask the folks at the desk to hold them at the desk and take the girls there, saying that you received a message from Mickey that he had left a 'thank you' there for them...

    Also, have you thought about getting them a wake-up call from Mickey? They might enjoy that as well...


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    Yes, Mickey and even the other characters love to get stuff from guest all the time! Bring the cards and have your children hand them to mickey so he can look at them and they can show him what they created. Mickey will then hand them to his attendent to hold.
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    I agree they will take them if anything hand them off to the CM escourting them.. however i would say that they are for him as so ther eis no confusion. I would bring the kids out of the room and place them as needed.. dont think guest services would do that...
    I do know that one time the room cleaners propped up my kids stuff animals on the bed as in like a scene... it was kind of neat.!
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    Yup, those attendants are worth gold - they will take cards and gifts for The Mouse!

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    I'm so glad!

    Thanks everyone! I have the pictures/cards packed. I cannot believe we leave in just a few days.

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    My little girl drew pictures for Chip and Dale and they took them. She was so excited. They made a real big deal about it for her. So yes take them.

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    Re: Odd question..

    That's so neat Your kids are going to have a magical memory there

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    Re: Odd question..

    Atta is 100% correct. Characters love getting little memories from guests while they are making memories for them. And the characters love to see what the gift is and then hand it to their attendants to hold for them until they get offstage. It's always something that makes a characters day and always truly appreciated!
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