Disney with a baby
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    Disney with a baby

    This will be our 1st Disney trip with a child under a year old. I'm wondering, how much baby food will I need to pack. Is there baby food readily available and can we heat it up for him at restaurants? Any advice for parents who've done this before?

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    Hi there; we went with an under-two last December and it was a mixed bag. I should think that under one might be easier since they sleep more and run less!

    That said - I did not notice whether baby food was readily available. If it is, and I have to imagine it is, it will be far more expensive than it will be at your local grocer. My suggestion is to pack it with your socks or ship it ahead to your room OR if you are renting a car, to drive to a store (Goodings is not too far - and , now I think of it, they deliver orders of $50 or more) and buy some. I am pretty sure CMs at restaurants would heat it for you and if you need to heat it in your room (and if your room does not have a microwave) you can always fill the sink w/ warm water and let the jar float around in it for a while...or run it down to the food court where I am almost 100% positive there ARE microwaves. IF your child is old enough to be using sippy cups - a word of advice - we did not fine ONE SINGLE PLACE in the parks or our resort or the other 3 resorts we visited which sold sippy cups. We just figured Disney sells everything else and we would buy one down there - and found ourselves in a bit of a fix. Junior learned to sip from a straw pretty fast, and I am sorry to say, we had to smuggle straws into animal kingdom (I promise we took them out with us too, and no way no how did we leave them there) because they aren't allowed in AK per the safety of the animals.

    How MUCH baby food you will need depends pretty much on your baby and how frequently s/he eats solids. Anything from 7 - 21 jars I would guess. It might be cheap to go to BJs, buy a flat of jars and just fedex the whole dang thing to WDW... you'd have to cost it out. I bought a flat of juice boxes and distribued them throughout all our luggage; what a life and money saver that was.

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    Baby food is available in the Disney Resort gift shops and the Disney baby care centers as well as diapers and formula.
    My babies did great when I took them last year at 10 months old. They were just starting solids and ate ALOT of mashed potato and yogurt when we were down there. I didnt heat the food in the jars, they didnt really care too much if it was heated or not ... they pretty much ate anything.

    Advice .. depends on what your concerns are. I brought my own stroller and packed diapers. Disney supplied pack-n-plays for them to sleep in .. and we had a great time !!
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    Great! He will be 8 months when we go, I am hoping he will be into yogurt and whatever fruit I can chop up. I didn't want to have to pack baby food in glass jars, only plastic. It's good to know I can buy some there if needed. This will be our 3rd trip with a child in diapers so I'm use to having half my bag filled with them! I never brought my own stroller but I think I will take an umbrella stroller this time and rent a double for the others.

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