Meeting Cinderella
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    Meeting Cinderella

    We are taking our kids on vacation to disney and my daughter 'must' meet Cinderella up close.

    I have heard this can be hard so I was wondering any tips. As well as best way to make sure she sees all the princesses.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Meeting Cinderella

    My 4yo absolutely had to meet Cinderella too. I tried to get a dinner or breakfast reservation at CRT but no dice... I was so disappointed. I told the CM what my child was looking for so she suggested 1900 Park Fare instead. WHAT A HIT! Prince Charming, Suzy & Perla AND YES, CINDERELLA, came to our table for pictures and autographs and hugs and all that good stuff plus Fairy Godmother was hosting in the lobby. FABULOUS food, a great time - plus 1900 Park Fare is on the Dining Plan! Yay!

    If you absolutely must must must see all the princesses, you will have to schedule a separate character breakfast at Akershus in the Norway Pavillion at Epcot - and if you will be there before Cinderellabration ends be sure to see it! Good luck - have fun!

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    Re: Meeting Cinderella

    What is the price on that park fare, not that I am going to spare an expence but would like to be prepared for the ammount of crying I will do after

    And it does sound like the ticket.

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    Re: Meeting Cinderella

    Hello prana , welcome to TD !
    We do have a few threads already started on this topic .
    I will give you a link to one of them .
    click here
    Be sure to read all the posts for some great answers .
    Another good place to check is our Charactors Forum .
    This question is asked a lot and I believe the link above should help .
    Also be sure to try our search feature for more of these hints .
    Another good hint is to ask at the Town Hall when entering the park for times and locations .
    Have fun and thanks for joining .
    P.S. I am going to close this thread to avoid starting a mirror thread .
    If you wish , or need to , you can always ask it again in the above link , but I do think that the link will be a great help !
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