florida wedding vs cali wedding
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    Question florida wedding vs cali wedding

    by my user name i guess you could guess why i'm here. a friend referred me to tis site for help. my boyfriend just proposed and now he's my fiancee!!!! and we both love disney very much and decided there would be no way to make our special day even more special unless we had it at disney!!! we live in california so we know disneyland well, but wdw is another story!!! i've been looking for disney weddings on line and i have so much information on wdw weddings now but non on DLR. can any tell me what a DLR wedding could offer over a WDW wedding or some of the differences. any help and information would be immencly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!

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    Re: florida wedding vs cali wedding

    hi! great way to get married i must say... my wife and i got married in disney world in may 2003 and loved. we contact disney and they set us up with a wedding adviser who really took care of everything for us. we had what was called back then a intimate wedding, had service at the polynesian on sunset point which was beautiful... they made arrangements for pastor, flowers, cake, travel arrangments for all guests (we had 16). they do a fantastic job and couldnt have gone any smoother.
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    Re: florida wedding vs cali wedding

    Well I say Cali all the way! What better place to begin your lives together than the place it all began!

    Any great Disney Wedding Ideas...I have tons!

    I'm engaged too!

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    Re: florida wedding vs cali wedding

    Welcome to Talk disney!

    To be honest I have no clue about DL weddings. I would think however that visiting it's offical site would be your best bet. The wedding planners can give you far more detailed information.

    Now having said that lol...while you are waiting for our members to pipe up... and they will do a guick forum search and see if anyone has already posted about thier plans and what they had to do

    Congratulations on your enagagement!

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    Re: florida wedding vs cali wedding

    The wedsite is Disneyweddings.com. You can order the plan video and information. It comes with prices and a layout. The Flordia wedsite is ten times better than the Cali website.


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    Re: florida wedding vs cali wedding

    I live in CA too but I would get married in WDW, they have everything set up there for it and right after the wedding you could begin the honeymoon without travelling anymore.

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    Re: florida wedding vs cali wedding

    Welcome to TD.... that is such an awesome idea! Have an awesome time planning that wedding. I would say WDW for the wedding, it truly is an awesome site and much larger than DLR so theres more to do and they have lots of wedding stuff.... sorry im partial to WDW....lol
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