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    Walt Disney Phone Numbers:</b></font></p>

    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Information–Walt Disney World 1–407–824–4321

    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Airports</b>:<br>
    Orlando International, Airline Gate Locations 1–407–825–2001 <br>
    Orlando International, Paging from callers outside of airport 1–407–825–2000 <br>
    Orlando International, General Info, Arrival &amp; Departure Times 1–407–825–2352
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Attractions</b>: <br>
    &nbsp;AMC Pleasure Island (407) 298-4488<br>
    &nbsp;Birthday Parties at MK (407) 354-1851<br>
    &nbsp;Blizzard Beach (407) 560-3400<br>
    &nbsp;Cirque du Soleil (407) 939-7600<br>
    &nbsp;Discovery Island 1–407–824–2875<br>
    &nbsp;Disney Institute (800) 282-9282<br>
    &nbsp;Disney Weather 1–407–824–4104<br>
    &nbsp;Disney–MGM Studios Production Info 1–407–560–7299<br>
    &nbsp;DisneyQuest (407) 828-4600<br>
    &nbsp;Disney's Wide World of Sports (407) 363-6600<br>
    &nbsp;Downtown Disney's Marketplace (407) 828-3800<br>
    &nbsp;Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf (407) 560-8760<br>
    &nbsp;Foreign Language Center 1–407–824–7900<br>
    &nbsp;Hearing–Impaired 1–407–827–5141<br>
    &nbsp;House of Blues (407) 934-2583<br>
    &nbsp;Learning Seminars 1–407–560–6150<br>
    &nbsp;Pleasure Island (407) 934-6374<br>
    &nbsp;River Country (407) 824-2760<br>
    &nbsp;Sports Events 1–407–939–7810<br>
    &nbsp;Telecommunications Devices (TDDS) for the Deaf 1–407–827–4141<br>
    &nbsp;Time &amp; Weather 1–407–646–3131<br>
    &nbsp;Typhoon Lagoon (407) 560-4141<br>
    &nbsp;Typhoon Lagoon 1–407–560–4141<br>
    &nbsp;Walk Around the World 1–407–934-2990<br>
    &nbsp;Wine–The &quot;Grapeline&quot; at the California Grill 1–407–824–1576</font></p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Barber Shops:<br>
    </b>Contemporary 1–407–824–3411 <br>
    Dolphin 1–407–934–4250 <br>
    Grand Floridian 1–407–824–3000 <br>
    Yacht &amp; Beach Club 1–407–934–3260 </font> </p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Children’s Activities:<br>
    </b>Birthday Celebration at the Magic Kingdom 1–407–828–3200 <br>
    Birthday Parties at the resorts and dining can be booked through:<br>
    &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&n bsp; 407-WDW-PLAY or
    407-WDW-BDAY <b><br>
    </b>Camp Dolphin 1–407–934–4241 <br>
    Camp Swan 1–407–934–1620 <br>
    Hilton Youth Hotel 1–407–827–4000 <br>
    Buena Vista Palace–Kid’s Stuff 1–800–327–2906 <br>
    Chip &amp; Dale Rescue Rangers Discovery Isle Kidventure 1–407–824–3784 <br>
    Cub’s Den, Wilderness Lodge 1–407–824–1083 <br>
    KinderCare, In–Room and In–Park Sitting 1–407–827–5444 <br>
    Mouseketeer Clubhouses 1–407–934–6290 <br>
    Mouseketeer Clubhouses, Contemporary 1–407–824–3038 <br>
    Mouseketeer Clubhouses, Grand Floridian 1–407–824–2985 <br>
    Neverland Club, Polynesian (ext. 2170) 1–407–824–2000 <br>
    Sandcastle Club, Yacht &amp; Beach Club 1–407–934–6290 <br>
    </b>(1–407–WDW–DINE) 1–407–939–3463 <br>
    &nbsp;Annual Passholder (407) 560-7277<br>
    &nbsp;Arthur’s 27–Buena Vista Palace 1–407–827–3450<br>
    &nbsp;Dinner Reservations (407) 939-3463<br>
    &nbsp;Dinner Show–Grosvenor–Murder Watch Mystery Dinner Theatre 1–800–624–4109<br>
    &nbsp;Disney Resort Guests (same day) 55 from phone in hotel<br>
    &nbsp;Disney Same Day (off property) (407) 824-2858<br>
    &nbsp;Disney’s Dining Experience 1–407–828–5792<br>
    &nbsp;Dolphin Restaurants 1–407–934–4025<br>
    &nbsp;Fireworks Factory 1–407–934–8989<br>
    &nbsp;Mardi Gras Jazz Brunch at the PI Jazz Co. 1–407–828–5636<br>
    &nbsp;Palio’s at the Swan 1–407–934–1609<br>
    &nbsp;Private 1–407–824–2474<br>
    &nbsp;Same Day–Disney Resort Guests only 55 from resort phone<br>
    &nbsp;Same Day–Other Guests 1–407–824–2858<br>
    &nbsp;Swan Restaurants (ext. 2181) 1–407–934–3000<br>
    &nbsp;Victoria &amp; Albert’s–Dinner with the chef 1–407–824–1089<br>
    &nbsp;Victoria &amp; Albert's (Dinner with Chef) (407) 824-1089<br>
    &nbsp;Disney Dinning Experience (Fl.) (407) 566-5858</font></p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Florists:<br>
    </b>WDW 1–407–827–3505 <br>
    Gooding’s 1–407–827–1206 </font> </p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Health Clubs:</b><br>
    Body by Jake, the Dolphin 1–407–934–4264 <br>
    Hilton Health Club 1–407–827–4000 <br>
    Olympiad Health Club, the Contemporary 1–407–824–3410 <br>
    Ship Shape Health Club, the Yacht &amp; Beach Clubs 1–407–934–3256 <br>
    Slappy Joe’s Massage Room, Old Key West Resort 1–407–827–1677 <br>
    Sports &amp; Fitness Center, Disney Institute 1–407–827–1100 <br>
    St. John’s Health Club, the Grand Floridian 1–407–824–2433 <br>
    Swan Health Club 1–407–934–1360 <br>
    The Spa at the Buena Vista Palace 1–407–827–2727 <br>
    </b>All-Star Movie Resort (407) 939-7000 <br>
    All-Star Music Resort (407) 939-6000 <br>
    All-Star Sports Resort (407) 939-5000 <br>
    Animal Kingdom Resort (407) 938-3000 <br>
    Beach Club Resort (407) 934-8000 <br>
    Boardwalk Resort (407) 939-5100 <br>
    Caribbean Beach Resort (407) 934-3400 <br>
    Contemporary Resort (407) 824-1000 <br>
    Coronado Springs Resort (407) 939-1000 <br>
    Dixie Landings Resort (407) 934-6000 <br>
    Dolphin Hotel (407) 934-4000 <br>
    Fort Wilderness Campground (407) 824-2900 <br>
    Grand Floridian Resort (407) 824-3000 <br>
    Old Key West (407) 827-7700 <br>
    Polynesian Resort (407) 934-2000 <br>
    Port Orleans Resort (407) 934-5000 <br>
    Swan Hotel (407) 934-3000 <br>
    Wilderness Lodge Resort (407) 824-3200 <br>
    Yacht Club Resort (407) 934-7000 </font> </p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Outings:<br>
    </b>The Breathless, Yacht Club Marina 1–407–934–3256 <br>
    Fireworks Cruise, Contemporary Marina 1–407–824–1000 <br>
    Fireworks Cruise, Polynesian 1–407–824–2000 <br>
    Starlight Cruise, Grand Floridian 1–407–824–2439 <br>
    Planet Hollywood Private Party 1–407–828–2048 <br>
    Pleasure Island Private Party 1–407–827–7836 </font> </p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Recreation:</b><br>
    Bike–Tour &quot;D&quot; Fun Bike Trip 1–407–939–7810 <br>
    Bikes, Canoes, Fishing Equip, Electric Carts–Ft Wilderness
    1–407–824–2742 <br>
    Boating 1–407–824–2621 <br>
    Fishing Trips–Bay Lake 1–407–824–2621 <br>
    Fishing Trips–Marketplace 1–407–828–2461 <br>
    Fishing Trips–the Yacht &amp; Beach Club 1–407–934–3256 <br>
    Fishing Trips–Dixie Landings 1–407–934–5409 <br>
    Fishing, Florida Freshwater License &amp; Regulations 1–407–422–6995 <br>
    Fishing, Florida Saltwater, Marine Patrol 1–407–383–2740 <br>
    Golf–Classic Club Pro–Am 1–407–824–2255 <br>
    Golf–Golf Studio, Advanced Tee Times, Lessons 1–407–824–2270 <br>
    Golf–Bonnet Creek Pro Shop, Osprey Ridge &amp; Eagle Pines 1–407–824–2675
    Golf–Lake Buena Vista Pro Shop 1–407–828–3741 <br>
    Golf–Palm &amp; Magnolia Pro Shop, Oak Trail 1–407–824–2288 <br>
    Golf–Oldsmobile Scramble Championship 1–800–582–1908 <br>
    Golf–Private Tournaments–Tournament Coordinator 1–407–824–2275 <br>
    Golf–Season Badge 1–407–824–2729 <br>
    Golf–Spectator Tickets–WDW Classic 1–407–824–2250 <br>
    Hayrides–Fort Wilderness 1–407–824–2900 <br>
    Horseback Riding 1–407–824–2832 <br>
    Marathon, Walt Disney World 1–407–939–7810 <br>
    Parasailing 1–407–824–3586 <br>
    Tennis–Contemporary &amp; Lesson 1–407–824–3578 <br>
    Tennis–Disney Institute 1–407–827–1100 <br>
    Tennis–Grand Floridian 1–407–824–2433 <br>
    Tennis–Swan &amp; Dolphin 1–407–934–4396 <br>
    Tennis–Other 1–407–934–7639 <br>
    Waterskiing 1–407–824–2621 </font> </p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><br>
    <b>Religious Services:<br>
    </b>Christian Service Center (407) 425-2523 <br>
    Congregation of Liberal Judaism (407) 645-0444 <br>
    Jama Masijid (Muslim Service) (407) 238-2700 <br>
    Mary, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church (407) 239-6600 <br>
    Temple Ohalei Rivka (407) 239-5444 </font></p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Restaurants:</b><br>
    Direct Numbers–For Reservations see &quot;Dining Reservations&quot; <br>
    Bonnet Creek Golf Club 1–407–824–2419 <br>
    Contemporary–California Grill 1–407–824–1576 <br>
    Caribbean Beach–Captain’s Tavern 1–407–934–2700 <br>
    Caribbean Beach–Old Port Royale 1–407–934–2700 <br>
    Disney–MGM Studios–The Hollywood Brown Derby 1–407–560–5376 <br>
    Dixie Landings–Boatwright’s Dining Hall 1–407–934–5822 <br>
    Dixie Landings–Colonel’s Cotton Mill 1–407–934–5822 <br>
    Epcot–Chefs de France 1–407–827–5699 <br>
    Epcot–L’Originale Alfredo di Roma 1–407–827–8417 <br>
    Epcot–Nine Dragons Restaurant 1–407–827–5678 <br>
    Epcot–Restaurant Marrakesh 1–407–827–5330 <br>
    Epcot–Rose &amp; Crown Dining 1–407–560–3657 <br>
    San Angel Inn Restaurante 1–407–827–8040 <br>
    Epcot–Tempura Kiku 1–407–827–8520 <br>
    Epcot–Teppanyaki Dining Room 1–407–827–8520 <br>
    Grand Floridian–1900 Park Fare 1–407–824–2978 <br>
    Grand Floridian–Narcoossee’s 1–407–824–2978 <br>
    Magic Kingdom–Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree 1–407–824–7780 <br>
    Magic Kingdom–King Stefan’s Banquet Hall 1–407–824–6653 <br>
    Magic Kingdom–Liberty Tree Tavern 1–407–824–6461 <br>
    Magic Kingdom–The Crystal Palace 1–407–824–6517 <br>
    Magic Kingdom–Tony’s Town Square Restaurant 1–407–824–6793 <br>
    Pleasure Island–Fireworks Factory 1–407–934–8989 <br>
    Pleasure Island–Portobello Yacht Club 1–407–934–8888 <br>
    Polynesian–Captain Cook’s Snack &amp; Ice Cream Co, 1–407–824–1381 <br>
    Polynesian–Coral Isle Cafe 1–407–824–1381 <br>
    Polynesian–Mickey’s Tropical Luau 1–407–824–1593 <br>
    Polynesian–Polynesian Luau 1–407–824–1593 <br>
    Polynesian–Tangaroa Terrace 1–407–824–2097 <br>
    Village Marketplace–Fulton’s Crab House 1–407–934–2628 <br>
    Wilderness Lodge–Artist Point 1–407–824–2293 <br>
    Wilderness Lodge–Roaring Forks Snacks and Arcade 1–407–824–2293 <br>
    Wilderness Lodge–Whispering Canyon Cafe 1–407–824–2293 <br>
    Yacht &amp; Beach Club–Ariel’s 1–407–934–1214 <br>
    Yacht &amp; Beach Club–Beaches &amp; Cream Soda Shop 1–407–934–1214 <br>
    Yacht &amp; Beach Club–Cape May Cafe 1–407–934–1214 <br>
    Yacht &amp; Beach Club–Yacht Club Galley 1–407–934–1214 <br>
    Yacht &amp; Beach Club–Yachtsman Steakhouse 1–407–934–1214 <br>
    </b>Backstage Horticulture Tour (407) 939-2223 <br>
    Backstage Magic (407) WDW-Tour <br>
    Dolphin Exploration (407) WDW-Tour <br>
    Garden of the World (407) 939-8687 <br>
    Guided Tour Information (407) WDW-Tour <br>
    Guided VIP Solo Tours (407) 560-6233 <br>
    Hidden Treasures (407) 939-8687 <br>
    Sight Impaired–Special Activities 1–407–560–6233 <br>
    Theme Park Tours (407) WDW-Tour </font></p>
    <p><font face="Verdana" size="2"><b>Tour Guides:</b><br>
    Eventures Unlimited, Inc. 1–800–356–7891 <br>
    Suncoast Destination Management 1–800–827–0028 <br>
    <b>Trip Planning:<br>
    </b>Annual Passholder Information (407) 560-PASS <br>
    Fairy Tale Weddings (407) 828-3400 <br>
    Free Vacation Planning Package Order Online <br>
    Kingdom Magic Travel (800) 425-0306 <br>
    Ocala Disney AAA Travel Center (352) 854-0770 <br>
    </b>Disney Transportation (407) 658-2284 <br>
    Quicksilver Transportation 1-888-468-6939 <br>
    Florida Town Cars 1–800–525–7246 \ (407) 277–5466 <br>
    Mears 1–800–759–5219 \ (407) 423–5566 <br>
    Taxi Services at WDW (407) 699-9999 <br>
    Town Car Limousine (407) 299–8696<br>
    <b>Other Helpful Numbers:<br>
    </b>Golf Reservations (407) WDW-Golf <br>
    Jobs (407) 828-1000 <br>
    Kennels (407) 824-6568 <br>
    Kennels–Fort Wilderness Kennel (overnight) 1–407–824–2735 <br>
    Lost &amp; Found (407) 824-4245 <br>
    Mail Order (407) 363-6200 <br>
    Walk Around the World (bricks) (407) 934-2990<br>
    Jobs at Walt Disney World 1–407–828–1000<br>
    Wedding Packages–Fairy Tale Weddings–Walt Disney World 1–407–828–3400

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    Re: Walt Disney Phone Numbers:

    This is great and helpful thanks

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    Re: Walt Disney Phone Numbers:

    Thanks for the info.

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    Re: Walt Disney Phone Numbers:

    If I call a resort number will they give me the physical address of thier resort? My Dad got a Garmin for Christmas and we will be using it on the upcomming trip.Yeah, I know...this was probably a really dumb question...but I figured I'd ask before wasting a call


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    Re: Walt Disney Phone Numbers:

    Quote Originally Posted by SleepinCatz
    If I call a resort number will they give me the physical address of thier resort? My Dad got a Garmin for Christmas and we will be using it on the upcomming trip.Yeah, I know...this was probably a really dumb question...but I figured I'd ask before wasting a call

    Yeap, the resort should be able to give you a physical address so that you can ship things to the resort if need be.
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    Re: Walt Disney Phone Numbers:

    Thank you doll! Sorry I missed meeting you Maybe someday I'll make it back to your neck of the woods again

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    Re: Walt Disney Phone Numbers:

    when calling the information line - would u be able to call them from 7am-10pm or is it straight 24 hours?
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