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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    my best friend anna and i talk about our past trips to Disney World, or the planning of our next trip, almost all the time. her mom is a big fan too. NO theme park, i don't care where it is/what it is, is better than Disney World. i proabably talk about Disney a little too much, haha. some of my friends even call me "disney" but there is nothing wrong with it! my best friends mom reserved us 16 days in Disney World this June, so my best friend and i can't stop talking about it. neither can her mom! we are constantly thinking about what we want to do/see again. my friend and i create countdowns and post them in our room, and we do a big "count-down to Disney" where 10 days before we go to Disney World, we watch a Different Disney Movie each nigth and play our Disney games like the magic kingdom board game, Disney scene it, and its a really great way to get excited and ready to go. everyday we are in the park we wear a different disney shirt too. i GUESS you can say we are obsessed...okay maybe just a little....haha!
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    with 12 days left we talk about WDW about every hour or so.... is that to much?..
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    I just want to start off with I LOVE DISNEY and you can never talk TOO much about it. I talk about it every day of every week of every month of every year and I dont think its enough...haha. People say Im obsessed but I dont think thats the right word to use....I prefer dedicated..haha. Im dedicated to the magic that Disney puts in me and everyone else that has been to a park or watched a movie or lisened to a song or read a book or held a stuffed animal made by Disney. So to me I dont think you could go too far or become "obsessed"(I hate that word)with Disney.You just love it and thats that. So all of you who are worried that you are taking the whole Disney love too far....dont....theres nothing wrong with it. Besides the people who say that you take it too far are the people who lost their "magic" if you will....their....YOUTH!!! all you adults....CONGRATS!! A VERY HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY TO YOU!!

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    wow i talk about disney world i think every day... a little obsessed, I know!
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    We talk about WDW if anything remind us of WDW like a song or something, i'm obsessed with WDW, if anyone of our family or friends bring up the conversation of orlando we would have a 2 hour conversation about the vacations we've had, we would go to orlando every two years when me and my brother was younger but now it's getting less frequent, it's been 6 years since we last went, we would go to spain now for a week on the beach, we went to a themed park one year and compared it to orlando, we stopped saying it now because nothing will compare to orlando, we'll be going in May and i can't wait, i come on here now a lot because i'm missing DWD so much, we'll go again in a few years once my nephew is older and they have another one, we'll all go together

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    WOW!!! i talk about disney almost everyday! My family says i have an unhealthy obsession over disney I am always like this the day we book a trip on disney. I just get really excited and i have to do something or talk about something disney related

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    I talk/think about Disney all the time. In fact, I'm living out a dream in Aug, and will be moving to FL to work at WDW.
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    I think aboout Disney ALWAYS!!! I have been in charge of planning our trip this year, so I'm thinking about it even more........I didn't know it was possible! LOL!!! I start a count down at work as soon as we book! My friend at work asked me not to count down until at least 90 days out, so I had to hold killed me!!!! Everytime I get with my sister we are always talking about or online looking up any and everything disney! I LOVE DISNEY!!! And to think this will only be my third time visiting the world! I'm hooked! LOL!
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    After I book a trip I talk about Disney several times a day with anyone who will listen. Once we get home I will again be talking about Disney, but I will be talking about the recent past trip along with other past trips, this will make me want to book another trip and I will start saving, who am I kidding, I start saving on the way home from the most recent trip. Anyway, once I feel I have saved enough I start looking at when to book, what time of year do I want to go and believe me I converse with someone at least 3-4 times a day about what I want to do on the next Disney trip, or sometimes the next 2-3 Disney trips, lets face it booked or not I am always planning for the next trip and just can not hold it in, I must chat with someone about Disney every day.
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    I talk about it in some context at LEAST once a day. I make my co-workers, family, and friends laugh at how MUCH I am able to talk about it. I love thinking about, planning, and enjoying the trips...just not the paying for them!
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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    DAILY! Especially now that my trip is 2 months away! WOOHOOOO! I can't get enough Disney and I share my plans with everyone who will listen!

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    Hi im a single dad looking to take my 6 years old son to Eurodisney for a few days round about september time this year, I live near Liverpool so could fly direct from Liverpool airport, ive never been before so if anyone has any helpful advice on any part of the booking or traveling park tickets process i'd be greatful.

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    My family goes every year through a company transport which works out cheaper. I will find out all the info for you. September time you should get some offers on webiste or call +336 64 42 09 47

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    We talk Disney trips daily here... we try to go every 3 to 6 months tops! Just this morning my 3 yr old was singing "24 days til disney! 24 days til disney! Yay!" Then we spent our walk thru the park discussing with him and his older brother all of the rides and shows we would be sure to see on our trip! He is especially excited because we will celebrate his birthday at WDW and do it with opening night of the halloween party!

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    Re: How Often Do You Talk About WDW?

    I talk about it daily, im driving them mad at work right now and only 4 days left till we see the big cheese again :-)
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