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    Re: cant really think of a title

    Oh I don't know where to start either...
    The night before we leave...can't sleep, lay in bed and stare at the clock and wait for time to pass!
    Magic Kingdom is such a magical feeling for me. I feel like a kid all over again! Love the scents, seeing the cm's standing there selling balloons. My 2 year old daughter excited as ever to see the castle and wanting one of those balloons!!!
    10/08 Grand Floridian* 07/08 DCL* 11/07 Disneyland * 10/07 PO Riverside, DCL & Polynesian * 04/07 Grand Floridian * 09/05 Grand Floridian * 05/04 DCL & Animal Kingdom Lodge * 10/02 Coronado Springs * 12/99 DCL & PO French Quarter * 10/96 Contemporary

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    Re: cant really think of a title

    I have so many favorite parts about our trips to Disney so I try to just name a few.

    The first time each trip walking down Main Street and catching my first glimpse of the castle.
    Watching Wishes and Fantasmic....I'm not going to lie the music during both made me tear up a little.
    Tower of Terror...the entire experience from standing in line to the actual ride to the gift shop I just love that ride.
    Dole Whips!
    Riding the monorail for the first time each trip
    Catching site of the Grand Floridian since that was the first hotel I stayed at when I was will always hold a special place in my heart.
    July 1989 Grand Floridian with Mom, Dad, Bobby, Nana and Pop-Pop

    July 1996 Grand Floridian with Mom, Dad, Bobby, Christine, Nana, Pop-Pop and Aunt Anne.
    June 1998 Beach Club with Mom, Dad, Bobby and Christine
    February 2008 Pop Cenutry with Mom for Christine's cheerleading competition

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