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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    Cool, yet another of the Things to do List for the next trip.

    I just couldn't remember seeing adults getting autographs... photo's yes, as I was one


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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    Quote Originally Posted by TorontoAngel
    Ok, now for a different take on this.
    Would it be out of place for *Adults* to collect autographs too??
    I've only been to WDW , as a teen & adult.
    Now I'm thinking this is just another thing I'd like to add to my Disney Memories... but I don't want to feel out of place doing it.

    Yet I'm sure, it's Disney, so you can never feel out of place right?
    I agree. I have seen many adults getting autographs. I say go for it and have fun!!!!!
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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    Oh yeah, adults get autographs, pictures and hugs from the characters. Nothing strange about that in WDW! My kids have their books and I have mine. But I like to tear mine apart when we get home and match the autograph with pictures in my scrapbook. That way we are all happy!
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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    I would also get 1 for each kid, also Target sometimes has the Disney autogragh books on the dollar section when you first walk in.

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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    most of the stands upon entering the park sell the autograph books and i would have to say by one for each of your kids because so they each have their own memories of their trip
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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    I did end up getting the kids each their own autograph book. Willie didn't want the girly autographs. I also had one for me that i had got in Disneyland in August, it was fun to find the same characters and have them sign it again. I think that there were times when i got really excited to meet the characters. I kissed Buzz Lightyear, what a great picture!! Posed with the Power Rangers and goofed off with Goofy and Donald. We sometimes had 4 books to sign, but I was always ready (page open, pen in hand) and tried to not take too much time if there was a line (and thankfully there wasn't).

    So I would say to the adults, go for it!! get your own autograph book and good luck!!

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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    I only have 1 child but I purchased the creative memories 5 x 7 scrapbooks ( i think they're discontinued now...so you may find them cheap on ebay...I believe that was the size) When I did my disney scrapbook I just photocopied the signatures to put on the page. You might could get one signature and make the picture with all three kids in it and attach the copy of the sig to your page.

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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    We buy ours at the gift shop in the resort but we saw something interesting this past trip. There was a family in line with us to see the characters. They each had an accordian file with each characters name on a section. The mom had made nice little cards with each characters picture somewhat watermarked on the center of the card. They even had combo cards with two characters just in case they were together. She said they take them home and use them in their scrapbooks to go along with each picture.

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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    I totally agree with you!
    Disney is a place where anyone and everyone can be a kid! I know that the first time I went I was 21 years old and bawled when I saw Cinderella Castle.

    I know some people, who are creative, make their own books before going and deck them out with Disney stickers and all sorts -- so depending on your creativity levels you could do that.
    Also, if you want a "disney autograph book" then you can find them anywhere, if you want a plain autograph book - you could try a book or dollar store!

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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    I just got back from Disney yesterday. I ended up buying 3 yes 3 autograph books for my daughter because the books with the pocket on the page has less room for autographs. I saw quite a few kids with homemade scrapbooks that were adorable. I wish I would have thought of that before my trip.
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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    the dollar store, near my house, sells hard cover, unlined paged books with various characters on it, so i get them there

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    Re: Where do you get the autograph books...

    hi, im interested in buying one, how much do they cost aprox?

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