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    drcorey said:geez, please put the faces back behing the names....
    Explain yourself corey. We can't make out what this post is supposed to be about or for.
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    Well I guess it' sonly fair now that I have read everyone else's postings that I post something sabout myself. well here goes:

    My name is Charles (aka Chaz to some "special" people), I'm 34 from a small town on the Jersey Shore named Belmar. The best land mark that most people know close to me is Asbury Park I'm not even 5 mins from there.
    As the name says I'm a police officer in the State of NJ for the past 15 years. I love my work and I'm far mean as a few people from here can tell you.
    I own a home that is 4 blocks from the beach and grew up right in the same neighborhood. You may all be thinking "he is so lucky being near the beach" but to be honest I hate it and never go. it's nothing to you when you grown up there.
    I been a Disney nut for as long as I can remember, to the point that my house is all decorated in Disney as well. I go to WDW every 6 months with out fail since I was 18. THis past year I have had the great honor of becoming friends with a few certain people that are as nuts as I am about Disney and well we are going to be spending out second vaca together in Dec @ WDW ( can't wait.)
    WEll I think I have bored you enough andif I left anything out that you want to know just ask. I'm far from shy :wave:

    Ill attach the picture later I have to wait till I get home to make the file smaller

    well i tried to add the picture but it wont let me under edit. any ideas??
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    "There is no Beauty without the Beast"

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    Mickey OK, It's My Turn...

    Hello All...

    First of all, I have to apologize to Ed and Ryan... I know I keep popping up and then disappearing from the site for weeks at a time... Things still have not settled down around here, and I haven't had as much computer time as I would like.

    So, about me...

    My name is Paul. I am 29 years old and live in Cutchogue, NY, which is out on the east end of Long Island. I grew up in "The Hamptons" (if any of you saw that TERRIBLE ABC Mini-series, my life was NOTHING like that!) with my grandparents.

    I guess you could say that I was a Disney fan at birth. My mother (who passed away from Diabetes when I was 5) was a big Winnie the Pooh fan, and I inherited her love of the big, fluffy bear!

    My first trip to Walt Disney World was in November of 1978. My mother had just passed away, and my father decided that I needed some happy thoughts at that time. We flew (my first time on a plane) to Orlando and I was mesmerized by the "Magic" all around WDW.

    As I was only 5 at the time, I have very few specific memories, but the ones that I do have are Crystal Clear.

    I remember riding Space Mountain with my dad (Who was 6'3 and 250 lbs) back when you had to sit in the seat, positioned between the legs of the person behind you... Well I loved the ride, but my Dad was a big baby, and was scared to death! I was having a great time, and kept waving my hands in the air and laughing at the top of my lungs. If we could ever find that car that I rode in.. you would still see my fingerpriints in the edges, where my dad held my hands down...

    I also vividly remember The Main Street Electrical Parade. Elliott was one of my favorite characters, and to see the Dragon coming down Main Street was such a thrill...

    Well, let's flash forward to 1993, or this intro will go on forever!!

    I enrolled in college at University of Albany, and decided that I needed to get a job to make expenses. Well, wasn't I thrilled to find out that there was a Disney Store in the mall, and they were hiring! Well, I started my Disney career on OCtober 1st, 1993. (A Magical Day for sure...)

    Now just as a bit of forshadowing, the Disney Store I worked for was #407.

    I love my fellow cast members, and had a great time working in the store... I got to buy all sorts of Disney merchandise at a great discount, and made some friends that I will never forget. But, alas, after a year, I had to leave. As many of you might know , the stores don't hire full time cast members, only managers, so I was unable to work over 24 hours a week... As I needed to pay bills, as I had moved out of the dorms, and had rent, etc to deal with.

    It was a happy parting, however, and my manager threw me a going away party... I knew I hadn't gotten my fill of Disney though...

    During the Fall semester of my Senior year, Disney popped into my life again. The College Recruiting Department had set up a "Disney College Program" info session at my school. I just had to go!

    I went to the interview, and thought I did very well. I was told to wait and they would mail me a response by the end of the month... I anxiously awaited the mail.

    Then tragedy strikes... In May, 1995 my father passed away from Cancer. It was a very sudden death, and I was not even aware that he had been diagnosed. It seems the entire family had a secret that I wasn't aware of.

    Anyway, I rushed home to make arrangements, Funeral, closing my father's house, etc. The whole time, calling my roommate at school to check and see if there was any mail...

    When I returned to my Grandmother's house after the funeral, the phone rang. It was my friends, Evan. He told me that he had just checked the mail, and there was a Big Envelope from Disney College Programs, Did I want him to open it?? Well, Of Course!!

    I got accepted!! I couldn't have handled the rejection that day, so I know it was a sign. My Grandma always tells me that "Your Dad must have had a talk with Walt and the two of them worked out a deal..."

    Anyway, so I end up working Attractions at The Disney-MGM Studios. I arrive and am told that I now have to audition for the attraction Stage Manager,a nd I could end up with a "Big Part" or saying "Right This Way" for the next 3 months...

    As I have a background in Musical Theatre, I was hoping for a "Big Part."

    I ended up landing the toughest attraction at Disney MGM... The Great Movie Ride. a 23 Minute speil. Boy, was I excited! I got to actually act, not just direct people to their seats! (FYI - I still remember the entire speil, and frequently will burst into it at my current job to annoy my co-workers!)

    Well, college program is only 3 months.. and I didn't want to go home. I moved into an apartment (and fell in love along the way) so there was no way I was leaving Orlando.

    I applied for Full time jobs at WDW, but I had no interest in Food Service or Housekeeping, and no talent for engineering, so I was on a list for a full time opening. I took a job working for Rubio Arts, they are the company that runs the Balloon concession at the parks, as well as the Artisit in France, Liberty Square and Frontierland (that shop is now closed, along with the DAK one).

    I was an artist manager, which basically meant that I babysat the French College Program interns that were sent to the US to work as Pastel Portrait Artists at Disney. I had 15 artists that I was responsible for, and it was a big task, especially since many of them speak little English, and I speak NO french. Well, I lvoed it.. It was a thrill a minute. I got to work in the parks (actually 3 parks DAK didnt open until much later) But I still wanted back into Disney.

    An opportunity came along to become a Front Door Host at The Comedy Warehouse. Casting called to say that the position was available immediately, and it was Full time. After 13 months, I finally was a Cast Member again!

    Comedy Warehouse was a trip!! I started by working the crowd, and then moved inside, where I ended up being a Coctail server. The money was great and the atmosphere was phenomenal (except the occasional Drunken Fool) but the hours !!

    After 6 months, I needed a day job! I applied to casting for a transfer. There was an opening at the Yacht & Beach Club Resort as a Front Desk Host. I jumped at it. I had always loved the resort, it was beautiful and seemed "too perfect!"

    well, that is where I found my true calling... I moved through the ranks of positions, from the front desk up to the Executive Offices in 5 years. I ended up being the "Administrative Assistant to the General Manager" with my responsibilities including all VIP and Celebrity Travel and Repeat and Problem Guests. Boy, did I have my hands full.. It was the absolute best job anyone could ever ask for. I had the greatest boss, the best work environment, and I was paid to do what I love... Make People happy!

    In June of 2001 Disney announced that they were taking Voluntairy Resignations, to help the company with its current economic hardships. After discussing with my team of co-workers, we all knew that one of us would have to go. The office was overstaffed, and it meant that that once they started shifting people around, that someone was going to be moved or lose their job alltogehter. Everyone else in the office had a family and committments, and I (newly single...) was the only one who didn't have a lot to lose by moving on. At this same time, my Grandmother became ill, and that sealed my fate.. I had to go back to NY. I was not ablout to leave a 76 year old woman alone, especially after the health scare she was undergoing. I decided to take the severnce package.

    Well, it is now just over a year later.. and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about going back. I am now a Retail Manager fro Ralph Lauren, and am trying to concoct a plan to return to the place I still call home, WDW.

    So, I know this is long (Believe me I left alot out!) but now you know a little bit about me...

    BTW: The picture is of me and my God-Daughter, The Angel of my life! It was taken at Ariel's Grotto, at Magic Kingdom.
    Peace, Love & Mickey Mouse...

    Pixie Dust To All!!!


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    ~*On a magic carpet ride*~
    wOw nice to know so much about u YBPoohbear! :&asian:

    *~*Daisy*~ *Also known as Disneyprincess, Tsunami_Rose, and EvilStepSister*~*

    If I'm such a legend, why am I so lonely?
    - Judy Garland

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    WOW that was an excellent bio poobear

    It is so great to see everones "real" side here

    Dreaming of living in the sunshine state

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    Well, I never saw this thread so I'll chime in......

    My names Maria and I live in a suburb of New Orleans called Metairie, about 8 miles from the Middle of the French Quarter. I love living here and will probably never again live anywhere else but Louisiana. I am soon to be fffffffffffffourty,,,,,EEEEKKK. But, I get the best birthday present of all, a trip to Disney World!!!!
    I am a full time college student right now working on my BS in Business Managment and Information Technology. I have over 20 years experiance in Restaurant Managment and I'm looking to own my own business someday.
    I like most of you am a certified Disney nut- now if I could get my partner as excited as I am about our trips I'd be doing good.
    I'm busy counting down the days till my next trip where I will be vacationing with our very own DP and our Disney group. Im sure you'll hear a lot about our trip as we go along.
    Thank you for having me here in your group, I love reading and participating in Talk Disney
    :&Toung: :&Toung: :&Toung:
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    Aw. GREAT photo Paul! (I edited the photo out of all of the extra white stuff, BTW) Good to see you! And what a great post! :bounce:

    When I first came onboard you were asking me about various cast members I might have known in tandem with you. Did you know an April Babin at the Movie Ride? She is a friend from New Orleans who went through the college program and worked there several years ago for a couple of years.

    And Maria...I was raised in Old Metairie...went to grammer school at St. Catherine of Sienna on Bonnabel and Metairie Road. (For those of you who are confused by the word...it's pronounced- Met-Are-E...soft emphasis on the Are. Older locals call it Metry.) Now I'm in Mid City off Canal and Carrollton. As for turning 40 soon...I am living proof that you will survive it! (I hit 46 this November 15th! Now THAT's frightening! LOL! )

    BTW-Which restaraunt do you work at and when? I'd love to get the chance meet up with you. It's wonderful to have someone in the area who is also a member here at TD!
    ~o~ MouseMan ~o~ TD Admin ~o~

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    Thanks for the encourgement Ed, I need it. Glad to know there is life after 40...LOL
    I work at the BK on Vets in front of what used to be the old Schwegmans.....I know you know where that is.....!!!!!
    Glad to know there is a fellow Scorp in the crowd. I'd love to meet you sometime also, I've seen you on local TV several times and have always enjoyed seeing your costumes.

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    BK on Vets where the old Schwegman's was....Hmmn. Is that on the city side of Causeway by the Party City...or the Lakeside side of casueway out towards Transcontinental? You never know...I might just show up and if an odd little goateed man is looking at everyone's nametags for a Maria...don't be too surprised if I try my best not to embarass you while trying to explain who I am.

    And hey! How was that birthday? You doing okay over there? Mines in 5 days and I am NOT looking forward to it!
    ~o~ MouseMan ~o~ TD Admin ~o~

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    Its right across from Barnes and Noble....Birthday was great!!! I got a wonderful Tag Heuer watch from my partner and we had family and friends over to celebrate the Saints win on Sunday. Now the rest of my birthday present comes in two weeks when we arrive at Walt Disney World, I am soooo excited.
    Happy Pre-Birthday....and please do come by if your ever in the area!

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    Great! I know where you are now! I'm at that Barnes and Noble at least once a week! Too cool! I'm back and forth to St. Martin's on Airline for the next couple of weeks preparing Midsummer Night's Dream...but I'm sure I can figure some reason to get to Veteran's while running around gathering supplies,etc.! We just had our car towed away for the final time this week. It died again and we can no longer afford to keep pumping money into it...so till we get a new car I'm rather transportationless... but I'll manage to meet up with you soon.

    I'm glad you had a good birthday! (We Scorpios really deserve to have great birthdays!) :bounce:

    And as for your trip to WDW soon...I hope y'all have a blast! (And please DO figure out some way to get DP and all to visit New Orleans on their way back so we can all try to gather! That would be TOO much fun!)
    ~o~ MouseMan ~o~ TD Admin ~o~

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    I'll work on DP when I see him at the end of the month, last time I kept telling them how much fun it was here in Da Big Easy, maybe now he has two friends to meet up with he'll make the trip......(are you listening DP???) I'll be on the lookout for you, I am there Wed thru Sat in the daytime.....looking forward to seeing you soon

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    LOL! I've been working him up about checking Mardi Gras out! (Including offering my services with costuming!) Who knows...we might be able to get a group together for at least a parade or two before it get's too crazy to at least give him and the group a taste of it all!

    And knowing that Wed-Sat during the daytime is a great help in running into you. hope to see you soon! :bounce:
    ~o~ MouseMan ~o~ TD Admin ~o~

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    Headed down I-95 south to Orlando with 3 yowling cats!!
    ckenlady said:(are you listening DP???)
    Yuppers I am....but you're working on the wrong person LOL:&flip
    Please help us spread pixie dust throughout the land

    Marry a CM..It's great!! You get most of the benefits and none of the work!!

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    :LOL: So who does she need to aim some positive vibes to to get y'all to at least visit briefly down here before going back home after your WDW adventures?
    ~o~ MouseMan ~o~ TD Admin ~o~

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