Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22
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    Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    Hey all!

    With little planning, we decided to go to WDW for the weekend. This time, the older kids wanted to stay home (I question their bloodline when they make decisions like that...) so it was just myself, the wife and our youngest whose birthday was the 19th. We called Friday morning for resort info. to try to get our Florida Resident rates, but alas, none of the Value Resorts had any openings, so we ended up staying our two nights at Coronado Springs. Not my favorite resort of all time, but I still loved was a Disney hotel room, and as long as the t.v. gets the 'resort t.v.' channels, I'm happy as a clam...

    We arrived in the middle of the day on Friday, so we went to MK. It was quite crowded, but not as hot as I imagined it would be because there was heavy cloud cover. The nice surprise? It never rained that day. My son was wearing a 'birthday' button with his name on it that we got from the front desk at our resort, and as we walked through Tomorrowland, we came across PUSH. My son (who was eating a churro) stood in amazement as PUSH proceeded to sing 'Happy Birthday dear Noah' to him. Noah could NOT figure out how the talking trash can new his name or that it was his birthday...the icing on the cake was when Noah threw away his churro wrapper inside PUSH: the can burped, and then said that he loooooves churros. Noah had the biggest smile. DEFINITELY one of those awesome, only-at-Disney moments.

    We had an average day...HM was still closed (of course), rode Splash Mountain, TTA (which stopped us right next to the model of EPCOT for about 10 minutes before it started up again...), saw The Laugh Floor Comedy show with the Monsters, Inc. folks (I loved it and thought it was really funny, but didn't know that you had to text message your joke submissions in via your own cell phone...just a head's up for those who also didn't know...), rode a few more rides and went back to the resort for dinner at the Pepper Market where we had a fanTAStic waitress. Went swimming for a bit, then went back to the room and called it a night.

    Next day (Saturday) went to Blizzard Beach for the first time. It is apparently Extra Magic Hour there every morning from 8 to 9, so we had pretty much the whole park to ourselves for the first hour...Cross Country Creek (the Lazy river part of the park) was actually relaxing since there weren't hundreds of people smashing into each other's tubes like there are in the middle of the day. Loved the park...Noah loved the kids' area. Stayed until about 12 (we had really done everything and were getting a little bored, plus the park was getting REALLY full) so we left. When we were pulling out of the parking lot in the Disney bus, the sign for BB said it was closed for reaching capacity. Went back to the room and showered, then went to Downtown Disney and went shopping (Whee!....I'm dangerous in World of Disney with any significant amount of spending money...) Had a great time, bought a bunch of stuff, then went back to the resort just in time to miss a torrential storm that lasted a couple of hours.

    Had reservations (priority seating?? is it still called that??) at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Never ate there before, but heard excellent things about it and we were NOT disappointed. I personally think it is one of the best deals for your money at any table-service restaurant on property. $23. per adult for all you can eat, great food. And the restaurant itself is just crazy...tons of fun, and the manager (Jimmy) made a friend for life with my son Noah (again, because of his birthday button!). We had never been inside Wilderness Lodge before and I was stunned when we walked through the doors...amazing place.

    But the Whispering Canyon...I can't recommend it enough, and it is officially our new, must-eat-at-everytime-we-go restaurant.

    Went back to our resort bursting at my waistband and watched a bit more Disney Resort t.v. while falling asleep. I knew when we woke up, I'd have to go back to reality...and that's where I'm writing this from today.

    Thanks for reading! And I'm curious about anyone else's experiences in the Whispering Canyon...Feel free to share!


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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    Thanks for the trip report Jeff. I really enjoyed reading it.

    P.S. I like the Whispering Canyon myself.
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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    Thanks for the report Jeff sounds like it was a fun couple of days. We have never eaten at Whisperin Canyon either but it sounds like I need to put it on our list for next trip.
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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    hey jeff, thanks for the report what a great time that had to be, those last minute trips always seem to be the best. i am going to have to take your sugestion and try the canyon when we go in nov. for griffin's first disney trip.
    those stories w/ your son are priceless and would be worth the price of admission even if noting else happened.
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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    Thanks for the report! And I am happy to be going to DW in august, and looking forward to staying at the Wilderness Lodge depending on availiblity...
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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    Sounds like a great birthday trip for your son. Things like that just can't be planned can they! I've never been to the whispering canyon, but I've heard lots of good things, so maybe the next trip we'll make a reseravation!
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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    Thanks for the report Jeff, and you really can't beat Whispering Canyon, plus all you can drink milkshakes.
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    Re: Trip Report - from July 20,21 & 22

    sounds like a great weekend, i love whispering cayon great place to eat
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