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View Poll Results: What is the most amount of people you've ever gone to WDW with?

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  • 1-2 (including yourself)

    4 5.88%
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    21 30.88%
  • 6-10 (including yourself)

    20 29.41%
  • 11 or more (including yourself)

    23 33.82%
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    The first time I went we had 11 people with us. It was a very fun trip.

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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    I went with my entire senior class last April for Grad Night.

    That was my least favorite WDW trip. There were too many people, and we didn't get to ride hardly anything! :[

    It really made me appreciate going to WDW with my family..we are going in November and I can't wait! :]

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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    I don't think it would be fair to count my training groups

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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    This next trip will be me, my mom, my aunt, my oldest dd Jaymee and my 3 yr old twin sons. We are all very excited !
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    212: Band Trips in High School. We had a blast!
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    The most I have gone with is 9. However 2 opted not to join us in the parks. (their loss). This time it will be 8 and although we do not all stay together, everyone has the Disney bug this time.

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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    our first trip was in july 2000 with mom grandma my little brother and myself
    this next one will be mom dad little bro my boyfriend and myself
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    First time 5
    Second time -6
    Third time - 8
    Fourth time- 2
    Fifth time -8

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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    Went once with my family, friends and relatives (16)and once with my wife's family with 12.
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    I only go with my prime traveling companion, my aunt. One time though, we went with my aunts friend and her family; together all of us made 5. All of the times I've been have just been with my aunt, once with that group, once with my aunt and mother, and once with my aunt, mother, and father. My mom and dad didn't go to the parks though; just my aunt and I.
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    The most we have gone with was our 12 kids and hubby and I. The least was 8 of our kids and hubby and I. Our next trip it will be our 4 youngest kids and hubby and myself. We have had all in between too, I think I am really looking forward to going with just the four youngest, I was getting pulled in so many directions when we had all 12 of our kids, due to the gap in ages. Youngest was a baby, the oldest was 20. Always fun.

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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    About 25 for my college lacrosse spring break trip....yep, that was twenty five 18-21 year old college girls. Needless to say, my coach was brave or just crazy....lol.

    And then 12 in total on our 4 generations trip a few years ago :-)
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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    We usually only go as a family of 5, but one time we went with a school group. There were 265 of us. I will never do that again. It was not very magical.

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    We did a vacation with about 20 people. Ages 1-60! It was for my Aunt and Uncle's 60th birthdays. It was fun but can be stressful trying to round everyone up. Although we only did a few meals and pool time together - not travels around the park that would be too much.

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    I have been to WDW several times with a large group. Once with my sons school band and chorus, 3 FULL charter busses. A girls weekend during F&W, consisting of 35 of us. And five family reunions, with one being a vow renewal for the grandparents. These ranged anywhere from 50-250 people.

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