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    Re: What is the most amount of people...

    Yeah it was TEN for me....But not by CHOICE! I was getting re-acquainted with my DAD and his wife after a 20-something year separation. I invited the 2 of them ONLY. My sister found out (would have been fine if only SHE came) but SHE told my mom and they CRASHED the whole thing!! Then my MOM had the audacity to be MAD that I had HER grand kids with my DAD!! It RUINED my whole Disney vacation!! This time NO ONE knows were going!!
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    Very first trip we went with friends and their family who go every year his mom helped my DH surprise me with our first Disney trip. I think in total there were 21 or 22 of us. However we did not do everything together. Only a few things like breakfast for one if the kids birthday with pooh and friends at the crystal palace. Then one night his parents kept all the kids so the parents could go out for dinner and an evening without kids.
    Second trip just the four of us in our family last time there were five of us in our family. This October when we go back there will just be four of us again since my oldest is 21 and having his first baby in a couple weeks. It has been strange planning our first vacation without him.

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