Souviner you wish you would have bought....
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    Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    Just sitting here thinking of the 2 things that i wish would have bought....a tigger stocking and the wtp sweatshirt that said tigger is that you? from animal kingdom. bummer!!

    what did you not buy there that you wish you did??


    can we go back??

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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    I know exactly the sweatshirt you mean, I love that one! I wish I had bought a sweatshirt jacket that I saw a lady wearing when we were there in May, I saw it in a shop and thought I'll go back for that, and of course when I went back they were old sold, it was one for the year of a million dreams.
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    I can't remember what store I saw it in. It may have been the Art of Disney store in EPCOT. I wanted to get the Goofy Chenabog Statue but I passed on it. I had already gotten a Goofy statue and like a GOOFball , thought I didn't need another one.

    The one I got:
    Attachment 3315

    I also wish I would have thought to get a Mr. Potato Head with a Goofy hat and Goofy accessories. That would have been neat to add to my Goofy collection. When we go back next year I'm getting both of these things and my wife is getting a Mr. Potato Head with Pluto attachments and accessories (if they have them).

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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    Silly one for me, but the Tinkerbelll Canister of green hot chocolate
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    For me it has to be the limited soundtracks on cdrom or dvds of shows and stuff.
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    Last time I went to MVMCP I got the limited edition pins, stuffed animal, and shirt, so no regrets from that one. I wish I got the dream ears though- I'll get another chance before the celebration is over, but I just wish I got them more recently.
    They had some excellent gingerbread themed ornaments in MK last christmas and I only bought one- bummer! They were really nice.
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    How about edible stuff? do people collect those?
    err, besides that Ariel lollypop fiasco a while back.
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    I saw some fantastic Christmas tree decorations in Downtown Disney in May 06.

    They were big, with the usual 3 bauble layout (for the head and two ears) but it was decorated like Father Christmas so the larger bauble was the body, in bright red with white "fur" trim, a black belt and gold buckle, whilst the "ears" were sparkling glittery black.

    I thought I'd buy some later in the trip - two or three for me and two for my parents (they love the Disney Christmas decorations so I always buy them some for looking after our dog while we're away). When I went back to the store though, they only had one left.

    I tried the Christmas shop in MK and also the shops on Main Street as well as at all the other parks and many of the resorts. I even asked in one of the stores and the lady there kindly phoned around to try and find some for me - but no luck.

    As I knew my parents would love the decoration, I gave it to them (along with some other different decorations I bought) but, despite going back to WDW since, I've never found these baubles again.

    I did find some very similar (but smaller) decorations when we went to WDW this year which I bought (in a pack of 5 or 6) and also some larger decorations which are similar in style but the bauble is cut in half horizontally - but now, every Christmas when I visit my parents, I get to see the decoration that I really wanted and always wish I'd bought a few of them when I had the chance.
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    We wanted to have caricature drawing done of all of us.The artist at POP we were watching last trip was doing a caricature of a one year old and it was amazing! That baby facial expression was so funny and he got it to the tee on paper! Hopefully this next trip we'll get it done.
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    Re: Souviner you wish you would have bought....

    Off to the archives!

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