I am struck by the compliments that are rarely offered hard working Cast Members and Characters sometimes online amongst the barbs and misguided (selfish) rants of some folks who demand far more than their childish rants deserve.

However...there are indeed so many accolades that deserve to be given to the people who strive so strongly to treat all guests to a magical experience.

It's time to offer them thanks, and a good word, to the powers that be!

While enjoying the day in a Disney theme park or resort, make sure to write down the name and time/location of the magic so that you can write to praise them once you return home! All Cast Members try to create magic for guests and some go out of their way to provide a magical experience. Even the characters who work so hard to create magic deserve a little pat on the backs. (And it helps it you have a photo with them to send with your praises.)

So to that end, below you'll find the link to email WDW guest relations of your marvelous experiences with any certain cast members that made your Disney trip exciting, wonderful and magical, and that includes the great characters you see onstage, in meet and greets and parades and shows! (Just make sure you share the name if possible or character performer, park location and date/time if you remember. That helps the guest relations people to figure out just who did what when and put that into the CM's compliments file!)

This is not something to be used to complain but rather to compliment and praise certain cast members!!! Share the magic! It helps the cast members recieving glowing notations for their hard work and also makes the magic for others who visit the parks and resorts all the more wonderful ...and you'll feel great afterwards!

mailto:[email protected]