Another great stay with cats at LaQuinta
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    Another great stay with cats at LaQuinta

    We had a niece from Japan this time and she really liked the hotel.

    It's the La Quinta at 8504 Universal Blvd. Very close to Sea World and the convention center. Rooms are reasonable and there is no pet fee. It's a short drive to the other theme parks as well being very centrally located. You can probably walk to wet and wild.

    It includes access to a fitness center, pool and a nice breakfast buffet including waffle stations, muffins, hard boiled eggs, cereal, yogurt/fruit selections, and some juices and coffees.

    There is shopping all around it too (although the mall next door was under major renovations, the strip center next door was open and has a GREAT japanese restaurant Hanamizuki as well as Ran Getsu down the street).

    Our cats had a nice view and some people had commented that it was relaxing to watch them while they were in the pool.

    Room rates are a little more than the All Star resorts and the accomodations are about equal. They have deluxe rooms for a little more with microwaves and refridgerators.

    This was our 4th stay.

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    Re: Another great stay with cats at LaQuinta

    Are there rooms that are specifically assigned for cats? Just wondering because I have allergies so bad that staying in a room that EVER had cats could land me in the hospital with asthma. Just wondering how a hotel handles that.

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    Re: Another great stay with cats at LaQuinta

    Like smoking rooms.

    Some hotels even have entire floors dedicated to just animals.

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    Re: Another great stay with cats at LaQuinta

    Yeah I agree that there are some hotels which are just dedicated to your pets.They offer you great facility to stay there with your loving pets and I think this is a good information for all the pets owners.


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