Orlando Attractions Magazine
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    Orlando Attractions Magazine

    A great new magazine has arrived to take the place of the long lost and very much missed Disney Magazine. One of the well known men behind everything is Ricky Brigante, the fellow behind the "Inside the Magic" podcasts.

    A new issue of Orlando Attractions Magazine is released six times a year, each filled with an exciting new look at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and all other Orlando-area attractions. The first 2 issues include articles featuring Epcot's 25th Anniversary, The Simpsons ride at Universal Studios, Disney's Haunted Mansion, SeaWorld's Aquatica, Halloween and Holiday photo spreads, and more!

    There's a very beautifully layed out site with photos, videos, blogs, articles and a store and much more! With 2 issues behind them, they are preparing the 3rd issue, and what I have seen so far is totally worth the subscription for anyone into all that Orlando Theme Parks have to offer.

    Click the link below to see the site and all that it has to offer...and to think there's also a gorgeous print magazine as well! I just subscribed as well as purchased the first 2 issues and I must say, I can't wait to get'em and begin the new subscription starting with the March/April issue!!!

    Join in on all of the print and online fun and enjoy!!!

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    Re: Orlando Attractions Magazine

    Thanks for the link Mouseman. It looks like a great place to check out what is happening in Orlando.
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    Re: Orlando Attractions Magazine

    you're so welcome Rick! I hope a lot of TD folks check out the site and what it's all about and hopefully feel it's a worthwhile deal to get a subscription!

    And in the notes section, if any6one does order a subscription, make sure to tell'em that you heard about it from Talk Disney!
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    Re: Orlando Attractions Magazine

    It really looks great! I will take a longer look when I have a moment to breathe lol

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    Re: Orlando Attractions Magazine

    Looks like a great magazine!

    I've just ordered issues 1 and 2 as well as subscribed for a year.

    A quick warning for UK buyers - the shipping is $40!


    Thanks for the heads-up Mouseman!
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