House of Blues vs. Ralph Brennans for Sun. brunch?
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    Coupons/Discounts for Dining at DL and DTD?

    We're contemplating eating at the Gospel Brunch at House of Blues, but it seems so expensive.

    Are there any discounts/coupons out there for this or other dining experiences at Disneyland or in Downtown Disney?

    We also want to do dinner at Ralph Brennan's and go to the cute Italian place in DTD with the big clown on the wall (forget the name) and are open to other suggestions. We'll be there 6 days.

    Earlier visits had us at Ariel's Grotto for dinner (characters were great, food not so hot) and the breakfast at the pink Victorian restaurant (characters were great, food was better) but the kids don't care about characters at meals anymore. So please suggest great food places.


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    House of Blues vs. Ralph Brennans for Sun. brunch?

    Who's eaten at them both? Which is more wonderful? HOB brunch buffet seems like a lot of money, but I suppose the RB menu items could quickly add up...and be even more expensive!

    Please share your experiences!

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    Re: House of Blues vs. Ralph Brennans for Sun. brunch?

    I have merged these threads together.
    Hopefully you will get an answer soon.
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